Whitening Pre-Rinse - Original Mint (Alcohol/Sugar-Free) 473ml/16oz
A teeth whitening mouth pre-rinse Prepares the teeth for accelerated whitening Prevents plaque formation & provides long-lasting germicidal protection Actively eliminates the bacteria that can cause bad breath Free of silica, gluten, sulfate, sugar & alcohol
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Oral Rinse Mouthwash - Original Mint 473ml/16oz
A clinically formulated, refreshing mouthwash Helps actively eliminate odor-causing bacteria & plaque that lead to gingivitis Infused with a refreshing mint flavor Offers instant fresh breath & long-lasting germicidal protection Free of sugar, alcohol, silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal...
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Total Natural Mouthwash With Spearmint & Propolis 250ml/8.5oz
A natural refreshing mouthwash Contains propolis, bitter orange extract, essential oils of lemon & mint Helps prevent formation of plaque & gingivitis while protecting against decay Blended with myrrh, sage & aloe to protect against skin irritation Infused with essential...
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