Time To Fall In Love With Your Feet


There is a human tendency that we take extra care of our skin but leave our feet. They are left out isolated or ignored. Do you agree? There is a general perception that our feet are as not vulnerable as any other part of the body. Though we keep them covered with a pair of favorite shoes yet feet are still prone to dryness and harshness.

Are you worried just because of your dry feet and cracked heels? You must have gone the whole hog to invent ways and means to research the best of cracked heel treatment and overcome this ailment. Though cracked heels pose no dangerous situations, but carelessness might lead to infection causing pain and sometimes even bleeding.

Today we are gonna discuss about some of the best available foot creams to heal up your heels and cracked feet and keep them well moisturized. But before we move on, here are a few quick steps to start with for smooth, silky-looking feet:

Foot care

Soak your feet in lukewarm water for few minutes. (Hot water can leave your skin dehydrated)
File hard to remove the dry skin over all the hardened areas with pumice or sand stone. Be gentle as overdoing may lead to bleeding.
Now pat your skin dry to remove all moisture from your skin. 

        Feet Care

      These steps are recommended at night before you make it to the bed. This gives your feet enough pause for rest. Furthermore, the foot cream too gets sufficient time to get easily absorbed into the cracked heels.

      Here are some foot creams for the smooth and crack-free feet:-

      Carol's Daughter Peppermint Soothing Foot Lotion

      Formulated with Shea and Cocoa Butters this invigorating and hydrating foot cream softens and moisturizes your feet. Blended well with Peppermint essential Oil it offers cools and calms achy feet besides restoring smoothness and comfort.

       Pepper mint foot lotion

      Perlier Natures One Fig Foot Cream

      Blended with a special formula containing Aloe, Lanolin and Menthol this restorative and soothing foot cream restores nourishment. It also soothes, softens and treats dry and cracked feet.

      Fig Foot Care 

      L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

      Enriched with Shea Butter this cream has been specially developed to relieve tired and sore feet. Lavender essential oil in the cream helps in soothing stiffness and tightness whereas Arnica extract offers an anti-inflammatory effect. It moisturizes and revives irritated or damaged skin.  

      Loccitane Foot Cream 

      Cailyn Avocado Foot Cream

      An amazing blend of Avocado oil, Sunflower oil, Aloe extracts and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, this cream helps to hydrate and soothe tired feet. It effectively softens rough, dry and cracked feet and offers smooth and healthy looking feet.

       Avocado Foot Cream 

      Dr. Hauschka Deodorizing Foot Cream

      Blended with Rosemary essential oil this deodorizing foot cream keeps your feet comfortable and fresh throughout the day. Its application effectively absorbs bad odour and excess moisture. The regular use of this cream revitalizes and softens the skin.

       Diodorizing foot cream 

      Try out these options and get set to flaunt those flawless and smooth feet! 





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