• Merely Mesmerizing Masks

    Merely Mesmerizing Masks
    We all follow daily skin care routine to maintain the charm on our face. However, sometimes we tend to miss out the necessary elements which can offer a whole new facet to boost up our confidence. I believe face masks and peels have become a vital part of our skincare routine and most of them promise surprising results. They gently peel off impurities to...
  • Designer Glossy Lips!

    Designer Glossy Lips!
    Hey girls, do you love those shiny and glossy lips? I believe most of us simply love it, isn’t it? Lip gloss make those lustrous, glittery lips possible and makes it one of our best friends! But do you know over swiping the lip gloss for a lustrous look can make it messy?  Don’t worry I won’t let you fall pray to such a...
  • Choose The Correct Cleanser For Your Skin Texture

    Choose The Correct Cleanser For Your Skin Texture
    Why the image of an organisation or a trusted brand is called to have a great ‘Face Value’? Yes, because it is the face that counts…  Face is what people notice, face is what people see, and face is what people remember, and when your existence matters a lot because of your face it has to be taken care like a precious gemstone!  Let...
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