Skin care tips for applying & removing makeup


Make up is beyond doubt the best face facade that can instantly hide flaws on your face. It is effective in not only hiding blemishes, marks and other imperfections but offers a mesmerizing charm and glow to your face.


Putting on makeup in the perfect steps is definitely a task, as a little more or a little less, can be really disappointing. Equally important is to remove makeup from your face, as even a small residue can leave bad effects on the skin.  

Let’s discuss the right products that offer notable charisma  while applying makeup on skin.

Primer & Concealer

A primer minimizes pores and creates a smooth base perfect for the rest of the makeup application. This is a step one can skip if the skin is naturally flawless, but anyone with imperfections, it's a fabulous product that will make skin look amazing.

Concealers can easily and efficiently hide under-eye circles and cover blemishes. It is best to use a creamy formula that can spread evenly and give optimum results.

Foundation & Brow Pencil

Foundations are considered miraculous to correct uneven skin tone or discoloration. For maximum and even coverage it is advisable to try a foundation matching the skin tone.

Eyebrows accentuate the natural features of the face and brow pencil is a must in any makeup collection unless you're blessed with dark, perfectly even eyebrows. It is also a wonder product that is used to define and fill-in sparse eyebrows.

 Blush & Mascara

Blush makeup is used to simulate a natural flushed effect and give a subtle look to cheeks. Using a warm tone can easily add a pop of color to the apples of cheeks.

There’s no better way to define eyes than by enhancing lashes and mascara that helps in enhancing the volume of lashes.

Eye Shadow & Eye liner

Eye shadow is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows to add striking beauty in the eyes. It not only adds depth and dimension to one's eyes but also complements the eye color making them appear larger.

Eye Liner is another necessary product for the detailing of eyes. It not only defines the eyes but also enhances the charm and magnetizing aura of the eyes.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss

Makeup is incomplete without the perfect pouty lips. Lipstick is essential for the perfect look and it can even easily antidote chapped lips.

Glosses have a sheer, natural look and are so much easier to apply than a lipstick. A swipe of gloss is the perfect finishing touch for any look.

Brushes & Tweezers

It's easiest and most cost-effective to stock up on brushes all at once by purchasing a brush set. Look for a set with a large powder brush, a slightly smaller brush for contouring and several brushes for shadow and liner application. Investing in some quality brushes is advisable because as long as cleaning them regularly, they will last for long time.

Tweezers are an important make up essential and can be used for the last minute touch up for upper lip and eyebrows.

Now let's discuss about the right ways to remove make up from the skin with the effective products.

Washing Face with Care

A gentle foam cleanser works for everyone, especially one that has vitamin C, which supports elasticity and protects against premature aging

Makeup removing Oils

Oil helps to melt makeup, as well as provide enough slip to really massaging the skin. Oils deeply cleanse without drying or stripping the skin, removing even the most stubborn of makeup.

Micellar Water & Makeup Removing Wipes

Micellar water cleansers are great for a fast and gentle clean. These are not just water, but a mix of water and oil, so they remove makeup more effectively.

Makeup wipe can easily and instantly cleanse the skin properly.  

These essential make up products can help in leaving a mark in any party and with the help of these effective products one can get rid of even the most stubborn make up.

Do share with us if you have any other procedures to remove make up or some home make removing tips.   

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