Skincare And Haircare Styling Elements For Men


The old age perception of women being the only ones that are preordained to grooming and looking fabulous is well in the past. Now urban and metro sexual men are deeply involved in making themselves totally appealing. In this fast paced life, appearance play a significant role in boosting our self esteem and leaving a great impression on everyone. To look physically attractive on both dating and business territory and add extra appeal in your persona, it is essential to follow grooming regime that can improve your image. Men are not left behind the womenfolk in the matter of making the best of their appearance.

Nowadays different grooming products for skincare and haircare are available in market, a realm that used to be solely for women. Adopting a good skincare regime in their daily routine can help men in keeping their skin fresh and healthy. Daily doses of pollution, chemicals, air conditioning all affect the skin in a detrimental way. Start your body care regime with a hot shower. It is effective in opening up your pores and washing away the grime and excess oils.

Soap-Free Cleanser

For face, try a cleanser that suits your skin type. Cleansers can remove the toxins and dirt from layers of skin. Try using the cleanser with vitamin E or essential oil like jojoba oil or almond oil. Clarins - Clarinsman Cleanser Men Exfoliating Cleanser is a great choice for everyday use.

Face Scrub

After that use face scrub to exfoliate, thus removing the dead skin cells from your face. Use scrub twice a week or it can cause dryness. L'Oreal - Men Expert Cleanser Men Expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Scrub can help you get a fresh look with the exfoliation of your facial skin.


Men’s moisturiser like SKII Men - Day Care UV Protect Moisturizer SPF 30 PA+++ can light up your face, adding a healthy glow by hydrating your face. Try oil-free moisturizer for your face that has added sun protection with an SPF-15 or SPF-30 to prevent it from sun damage and keep the skin nourished.

On the other side hair care regime is just as much important as skincare. In order to keep the hair shiny and clean, it is important that you select the right hair grooming products that can keep your hair healthy and neat at the same time in a no-fuss and a smart routine for styling. Make sure to use reliable brands to avoid problems like grey hair and hairfall.

Shampoo And Conditioner

Choose from the wide range of brands that are available in the market.  Shampoo washes away the excess oil in the hair making it clean from any toxins. Oily and greasy hair looks unattractive and can cause your hair problems so use shampoos and conditioners daily. Conditioners replenish the lost moisture and nourish your hair, preventing the strands to dry out and form new split ends. You can also use leave in cream that works just like a conditioner except make your  hair extra silky. CHI Man Daily Active Clean Shampoo works really well and make your hair light and shiny.

Stylish Gel And Wax

Style Styling gel is a great way to give a desired shape to the hair and style it in different forms. They are available in many different types. Water based gels form a thin film and bind the hair. Hair wax on the other hand gives it more stiff look and creates a firmer hold. Use these styling products sparingly or you can face the issue of hair loss. American Crew Men Firm Hold Styling Gel (Non-Flaking Gel) works like a magic, holding your hair in any kind of complicated hairdo you create.

Apart from hair care, there are few grooming products that are a must-have in every man’s toiletries:

Shower gel or a soap
Cologne or deodorant
Nose clippers
Shaving cream
Shaving brush

Personal grooming is something that must be followed to reinvent a refreshing image of yourself. The aforementioned grooming products can help you fulfill a healthy routine and help you get that sexy look that is attractive and a total head-turner.


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