Men's Winter Skincare Guide


Finally, the winters have come. As the temperature plummets, one of the most important things that we do is keep ourselves warm. However, we often ignore to take care of our skin and this is most common with men. During the winters our skin, especially the hands and face, becomes dry and needs moisture. When exposed to cold air, the moisture present in the skin dries. To keep the skin healthy, it’s indispensable to protect it as no one likes to look “weather-beaten”. It’s time to take some lessons from women on how to take care of our skin.

Ways to keep skin protected:

Washing face

Regular face wash is the basic of skin care. The small pores inside the skin capture dust and washing the face with lukewarm water can help us clean them. Here are some tips for washing face: 
1. Splash lukewarm water on your face. Never use hot water to wash the face as it takes off the moisture.
2. Always use a face-wash or a face cleanser to wash the face, not any soap. Face skin is a bit different, rather sensitive than the rest of the body and soaps contain chemicals that may cause harm to it
3. Time is valuable. But, always massage your face gently with the face wash or cleanser using your fingertips for at least 30 seconds before wiping it off.
4. Once the face is washed, gently us a towel. Do not rub it hard to look “red faced”.
5. Face wash like “Clarins - Clarinsman Cleanser Men Active Face Wash” help your face look fresh and clear.

Spend less time in hot shower

When we say that hot water is detrimental to your face, why wouldn’t we say that for your complete body? Hot water removes the protective layer that prevents dryness and itchiness and increases the possibilities of other skin related problems too. Now, would you be so harsh to your skin just for a cozy long shower? We all love hot water showers during the winters but replacing them with regular lukewarm showers can tremendously help fixing your skin related issues.

Exfoliating lotions

The skin of our face dries up the most in the cold weather and the uppermost layer of this dry skin needs to be removed to avoid itchiness and skin damage. Exfoliation removes this layer and gives you a fresh look. Academie AcadAromes Express Scrub is one of the scrubs that give your skin that awesomeness.


Skin toners help balancing the skin by shrinking the pores’ appearance and give an impressive change to the oily skin. Try using Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale toner to have that adorable skin that you always wanted and get rid of the oily pores.


Direct UV radiation damages the skin and results in tanning. Since these radiations affect light skins the most, it’s vital to apply some sunscreen lotion before you go out in the Sun. From the kitty, one of the sunscreens is Jack Black - Sun Care Sun Guard Oil Free Very Water Resistant Sunscreen.


Before this cold weather takes away all the moisture from your skin, it’s better to give your skin something it needs. A good moisturizer like Aveda Beautifying Body Moisturizer can give you all the reasons to admire your skin.


Supplements for skin 

The vitamins and vital nutrients in the skin supplements give our skin the toned and younger look. Supplements like Ren Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream help replenish the skin and look healthier. Try it and you’ll admire your skin like you never have before.

These basic tricks and products will substantially help you fix the skin problems you’ve been experiencing and the results will be impressive. Just don’t forget to spend some with your skin in the winters.



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