Intriguing Nail Designs & Shades Of This Season


Despite the fact that nail polishes as a beauty product have been around for quite a while, the rapidly shifting taste of customers has lead to a plethora of novel, creative shades and designs that can effortlessly add a wow element to any look.

Nail designs are the in vogue thing today. These draw special attention to the manicured fingernails and without doubt make a style statement. There is no limit to the designs which one can opt to enhance the beauty of their finger or toe nails.

Imaginative and inventive nail designs can drastically upgrade the magnificence of nails. However, before embarking on this journey, one must make sure that the nails are clean in light of the fact that if you attempt to make designs on unclean nails, you cannot expect to have the fancied outcomes. Therefore, it is suggested to clean, trim and shape the nails appropriately to get the perfect result.

Take a look at a few nail designs that are in trend this season.

  • Stimulating wave nail design: A charging wave pattern can be made by using airbrush and a sturdy stencil of the type of wave desired. With this type of nail art, the nails will undeniably look eye-catching and others are certain to be awed by them. 

  • Aquarium nail art: This class of artistic nail art is usually performed with the help of acrylic colors. It is usually supplemented by spangles, pastes, thwart, and dried flower petals. It gives an illusion of a curved glass and may be used by beach lovers to complement different types of outfits. 

  • 3D nail designs: 3D nail art is one of the most popular nail designs that can easily accentuate the beauty of nails. These kinds of designs make use of a unique trick that gives the nails a three-dimensional look. This sort of art is performed by using assorted materials such as acrylic colors, unusual gels and cyanoacrylate glue. Using these materials, the designer makes blossoms, leaves, birds, animals, etc.

After getting acquainted with the most loved nail designs this fall, it is time to explore some fashionable nail polish shades to wear this winter.

1. Fuchsia:
This shade suits most skin tones and makes the fingers look slender and feminine. Clinique A Different Nail Enamel For Sensitive Skins makes a wonderful pick for this particular color. It effectively glides, spreads equitably, dries quickly and is ophthalmologist tested.


2. Baby Pink:
This color looks best on fair skin tones. It gives a youthful appearance to the hands while imparting a natural glow. Christian Dior Vernis Couture Color Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer is a fantastic gel nail polish in this color. It is enriched with natural silicon to strengthen the nail surface.

3. Orange:
This shade can straightforwardly add an oomph factor to any look. The best part about this color is that it looks gorgeous on all skin tones. NARS Pierre Hardy Ethno Run Nail Polish Duo (1x Dark Blue, 1x Bright Orange) is one of the top selling product in its segment. It is extensively used to create different attractive nail art designs.

4. Blue:
Blue is one of those colors that look equally attractive on women falling in different age groups. It is chic, classy and adds an element of fun to the overall appearance undoubtedly. Dermelect ME Nail Lacquers (Above It- Breathtaking Sky Blue) is a long stay nail polish that gives splendid color. Moreover, it is impressively resistant to water and detergent. 

5. Cherry Red:
No nail color palette is complete without including the forever popular red color. O.P.I Nail Lacquer is a high-quality nail polish for natural nails. It offers rich, durable and stylish color, while leaving a striking glitter. 

To make sure that the nails look incredible, do not forget to consider the skin tone. Fair skinned ladies look exceptional with hues that are light and medium, whereas darker shades go remarkably well with dusky beauties.

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