Grooming for the Perfect Man  


From the tough and rigid characterization, men have come a long way to find place for themselves in the beauty parlors. Times have definitely changed, for good only!

Well, men don’t like spending much time in the bathroom even today. But undeniably, the modern men want to look good! There is no dearth of men’s saloons in the market but the amount of money that goes in these places becomes the major hitch why most of the men avoid regular visits to a parlor. Pampering your skin is not at all about exposing your skin to too many products in a closed enclosure and getting treated by a professional. The trick is, spending the right amount of time, with the apt products that offers radiant and perfect skin and style.

Developing a quick and simple daily routine to maintain your hair, body and skin can be the right choice to leave an everlasting mesmerizing impression. Let us today discuss some of the grooming tips to take care of your skin and hair in the best possible way.

Taking care of your skin with good hygiene regimen. 

Using the right kind of products to care for your skin, can give you incredible results after regular usage.  Brushing your teeth twice a day and taking shower regularly is really important. You’ll have that occasional string of days when you’re so busy that you don’t have time to shower but don’t let your shower-less-ness affect it. So it is essential for a healthy and hygienic body and skin. 

Regular workout with proper meal intake.

Regular exercising not only gives a physically fit body but also improves the overall immune and stamina that stimulates blood circulation and offers a good skin. Always aim to make breakfast a part of your daily routine and choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein sources and healthy fats. This all will help you fuel your exercise and diet routine.

Keep face clean and use lotions & sunscreens. 

If you don’t keep beard, it is imperative that you shave regularly to enhance your looks and look a thorough professional. Contrary to this, if you sport a beard you need to go for regular trimming. Using moisturizing lotion on regular intervals can keep your skin moisturized. Sunscreen is essential while going outdoors to keep away the harmful effects of the sun rays. This regimen can offer a softer, hydrated skin s that you look sharp & crisp always while you go out.

Smell nice every time and keep your breath fresh.

Use antiperspirant deodorant, or a roll-on for underarms, to smell nice. Fragrance enhances your personality, besides boosting your confidence quotient. Apply just a couple of dabs or sprays of cologne to areas like your neck or the insides of your wrists if you want to wear a fragrance. On the other side, a bad breath and stained teeth can lower your overall personality. Chewing gum after every meal, if possible, can help in removing nasty stains from your teeth and offer fresh breath.

Regular haircut along with neat-n-clean hands and feet.


Untidy hair can also reduce your image. It is a sign of lazy, amateurish attitude. Dirty and flying-around-all-over-the-place hair can really be a turn off. Use good hair care products to keep them clean, moisturized and glossy. Regular trimming of your fingernails and toenails as well is a must to add sheen to them. Your dirt-laden hands or feet can leave a very bad impression about yourselves, especially when it happens to be the first one!

Don’t keep your regular hygiene practices falls to the edge as it is a really important factor and it’ll help you feel more alert, have more confidence, and won’t repel the ladies. So follow this grooming guide and always look good and build your character in such a way that your first impression become the lasting impression.

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