Getting the Perfect Look for the Festive season


India is one of the countries where festivities and celebrations are an inseparable part of the Indian existence and psyche. Also known as the land fairs and festivals, the country is all set to rejoice for the gala festive season. Are you gearing up too?


Well, getting ready for a festive celebration can keep you glued to your wardrobe and dressing room. Choosing the perfect outfit, wearing the apt fragrance coupled with appealing makeup and hairstyle, can give you a tough time. You definitely want to look great and contemporary, yet want to retain an ethnic and traditional appearance for the festival. Well, the selection process between various dresses and accessories increases the confusion and we end up wearing something we really don’t feel like wearing at all!

Have you ever faced a similar situation? Regardless of the fact, whether you have, or you haven’t faced such a situation, we just don’t want you to face the dilemma in future! Hence, today, we’ll guide you how to get ready for the festive celebration in the best way to look elegant and sophisticated.


Let’s start with choosing the right outfit for the celebration.

 For the Graceful traditional Indian woman look

1. If possible, choose a sari with eye catching colours. Red and gold colour combination denotes the festive mood better and a beautiful brocade sari can be an ideal pick.

2. You can play around with colours and opt for a combination that suits best on your skin tone.

3. Place a bindi on your forehead that goes with the contrast of the sari or the blouse.

4. Wear ornaments. You can choose a choker, a gold necklace, earrings and bangles.

5. You know your hair! So it is your wish if you want to keep them open or want to make a neat bun.

6. Yes, make up is essential and it adds to the charm.  

 For the elegant traditional Masculine look 

1. Palette for this festive season are heavy colours. Try different colour combinations including chocolate browns, royal blue, burgundy, earthy tones, blood red and rust.

2. You can enhance your looks with apt accessories. You can try cufflinks, neck-pieces, cravats, wristwatch.

3. You may try wearing bandhgalas and short cropped jackets. You can choose an ethnic kurta pajama with you favourite colour. You may give a try the kurta and denim look as well.

4. A simple hair style can give you the perfect look. 

Follow the right make up steps for the flawless look

Make up adds to the look and doing the right make up can enhance the glamour and charm.

1. It is essential to cleanse and moisturize your skin well that before applying make-up.

2. Opt for a foundation that blends well with your skin tone.

3. Be sure that you apply make-up half an hour before the celebration. This practice helps the make-up to set properly.

4. Make sure you use light contrast of eye shadow if you are wearing a dark coloured outfit.

5. Avoid over-use of blushers as it may turn the elegance into a gaudy look.

6. Try out the fancy gloss sticks in place of lipstick.

Once you are over with the celebrations, it is vital to remove the make-up with the right techniques so that no residue is left over the skin and it doesn’t harm the texture as well. Baby oil can help in wiping off the make-up gently.

 How to choose the right fragrance

Fragrances always have their special effects. Using them in the right way to yield optimum output is indeed a technique. Before you choose a fragrance, you got to be sure that you are using the once that are fresh, clean and long lasting. You may try citrus, florals, musk, woody or fruity scents.

It is advisable that you use pure and natural essential oil fragrances over man-made chemical synthetic fragrances. Using the perfume in the right way can enhance its effect.

1. Spray perfume onto your ‘pulse points’ and let it dry itself.

2. Do not rub your pulse points.

3. Try not to overdo with the perfume. Even one spray will give the same effect.

These tips can give you the perfect look for the picture perfect appearance this festive season. 


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