Effective Hand Sanitization Regimen


Keeping our hands sanitized and clean is a significant part of staying healthy. Hand hygiene is important aspect to avoid germs on our hands from getting transferred to our body. Different hand wash products like soap, sanitizer helps eradicating millions of germs that can cause some serious sickness. 

There are many hand wash products available in the market ranging from sanitizers with alcohol, fragrance agents to nature friendly organic hand soaps. Hand sanitizers with alcohol are very effective in killing almost all the germs that might be on our hands. But the drawback of using alcohol sanitizers is that they remove the natural oils from our hands, deviating it of moisture, making them dry and cracked up. The sanitisers with natural ingredients like rosemary and coconut oil sanitize and replenish the moisture in your hands. Always invest on high quality products that are skin friendly and gives no harm to hands.

Hand Hygiene Etiquettes

The hand hygiene routine must be done on these followed occasions:

Before and after eating food
Food preparation routine
Using the washroom
Coughing with covering your hands
Touching pets and their toys
Treatment of wounds
Shaking hands

Without precaution, bacteria and germs can infect through eyes, nose, or mouth. Washing hands can diminish the possibility of virus and microbes getting transferred in our body. The routine of hand wash is very elemental and simple. Firstly rinse hands and then apply the soap after that rub hands together and cover every part of hand. Secondly scrub hands and rinse them below water and after that dry them with hand towel.

Hand Hygiene Products

To decontaminate and diminish the pathogens it is advisable to use the following hand hygiene products that are suitable and effective to every skin type

1. Hand Disinfectants

One of the most modernist hand disinfectant option is SoClean 2 Go CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer, which is portable and very effective. These are relatively easy to use and the application can be done in few seconds in two to three pumps off disinfectant. It dries real quick and works on killing germs ever at a higher speed. The people who are allergic to soaps and have complications like dried up hands can opt for it instead. And the best thing is that there is no hassle of finding clean towel for drying hands. It dries by itself. However if hands are soiled with dirt or food, it is better to wash them with water and other sanitizing products. But if there is no availability of running water, hand disinfectant just might act as saviour.

2. Hand Soaps

Hand soaps are available in liquid and bar form. It destroys micro-organisms and removes the dirt or grease that might be sticking on hands. Basic step is to rins hands in water and apply the soap directly to the skin then wash hands with water thoroughly. Some of the great choices for hand soap is Nest Liquid Soap - Lemongrass & Ginger and Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Soap.

3. Soap Dispenser And Hand Towel

Lastly, it is important to keep a clean dispenser for soap that is cleaned and refilled on routine basis. After washing hands, it is crucial to dry them up with a sterilized towel so that they stay clean. Opt for a beautiful and functional soap dispenser like Floral Sculptured Soap Lotion Dispenser Pump, increasing aesthetics of bathroom.

Following the proper hygiene routine is an essential part for avoiding contamination and consequent bacterial infections that happen due to improper sanitization practices. So remember don't underestimate the power of hand washing as the the few seconds of hand washing could save you from the harmful germs and trips to the hospital.

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