Best Shaving Regimen With Amazing Shaving Products


Maintaining facial hair holds the first place when it comes to grooming. It is of utmost importance for men to keep their beard and mustaches well maintained. And, for those who like to go clean shaven, it becomes a priority to shave regularly using quality shaving products.

Since, shaving is a regular practice, it is indispensable to always keep your shaving kit updated. If you’re still using the vintage style metal razors and brushes, it’s time to spare your skin from the harshness and update your shaving kit. One of the most important reasons why men need a shave almost everyday is “work”. It is necessary for men to look groomed everyday while reporting to work which isn’t possible without a good shaving kit. Here is a brief of the products that you may go for and why.

Pre shave

A pre-shave is one of the most underemphasized shaving products. Amongst the cases where men face issues like dryness and itchiness after shave, most cases are the result of not using the pre-shave lotion before shaving. Usage of a good pre-shave lotion is always an advisable.


Try Caswell Massey - Day Care Almond Moisturizing Pre Shave Oil, Zirh International - Day Care Prepare (Botanical Pre Shave Oil), The Art Of Shaving - Day Care Pre Shave Oil Unscented (For Sensitive Skin) and Caswell Massey - Day Care Sandalwood Soothing Pre Shave Oil that are edible for daily shaving regimen for calm, sleek, moist & comfortable skin.

Shaving creams, brushes & shaving razors

A good shaving cream is always a must while getting your facial hair off the face. Obviously, it smoothens and facilitates the complete shaving process. A good shaving cream like The Art Of Shaving - Day Care Shaving Cream Ocean Kelp & Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood Shaving Cream always sheilds the skin from irritation caused the razor and contains essential oils that leave your skin soft and comfortable.


Shaving has always been a tedious task for men. The razor glide over the skin does irritate unless you have a good shaving razor. To make the job easy, a shaving cream must be accompanied by a shaving razor and a brush too. The Art Of Shaving Pure Badger Shaving Brush - Pure Black & Neville-3 piece Shaving Set meets all your requirements and would never let you go out of style.

Shave oil & shave lotion

Shaving oils and lotions help sofetning tough beards and give a smooth shaving process. These products actually help us conditioning the face skin before and after the encounter with the blade.


Try Bvlgari Man After Shave Lotion, the combo, American Crew - Ultra Gliding Shave Oil, Razor MD - Travel Set RX Shave Trio & that includes a Post Shave Lotion, a Pre Shave Oil and a Shave Cream and The Art Of Shaving - Day Care The 4 Elements Of The Perfect Shave Lavender (New Packaging) (Pre Shave Oil + Shave Crm + A/S Balm + Brush) for getting the best results every time you shave.

After Shave

An after shave oil or lotion holds equal importance in the shaving kit of men as a shaving cream. The major role of an aftershave is moisturizing the skin to avoid skin irritation. A simple splash of water wouldn’t complete shaving. You would require a good after shave lotion, oil or gel for a comfortable and calm skin.


Try Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine After Shave Splash, EShave - Day Care After Shave Soother Verbena Lime, Truefitt & Hill Grafton After Shave Balm and Tom Robinn - Day Care Homme After Shave Gel that are sutiable for all skin types, as all of these helps in removing the razor burns and soothes your skin by making it more comfortable and moisturized.

Product selection is very important when choosing for your shaving products as it is specifically related to your skin. Avoid products that contain any alcohol or detergent. with. This shaving regimen will help you get a close, smooth and cut free shave every time and not only will you look great but your skin will also feel crisp & smooth as well. So use the collection of luxurious shaving products that are meant for real men.

In the end if you think we’ve missed on any product or on any essential tip just write us in the comment section below as we’d love to hear from you.


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