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Eyes are beautiful feature of any women and they are the first thing anyone notices about any women. Perfect makeup can accentuate the beauty of any woman and make her look gorgeous. Choosing a right eye shadow can bring out the natural radiance of eyes. The most important thing is to apply eye makeup in the right way. Otherwise even the costly makeup can make you look disastrous. Getting the look right at first try isn't the most easy thing to do. Here are few steps you can follow to get the perfect mysterious look:


The main aim should be to enhance the natural appeal of your eyes not overpower it with over eye makeup. There are different kinds of eye-makeup available in the market which can accentuate your eyes. Shimmery hues in eye shadow look great at night parties. Matte eye shadow can look natural which the shimmery hues cannot achieve. Flat creamy shades are best for daily looks as they can produce multiple effects with minimal effort. Eye shadow in powder form can be easily applied with a brush.

Simple shade colors like coal, ash, brown can easily blend with the natural skin tone. They act like neutral colors that can be toned up heavily for party dress up. More vibrant hues like purple, emerald, teal and blue can be used to create more colorful and light look. On dark skin, it is better to apply dark shades. And on fair skin tone, lighter shades look more natural.

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If you have green or blue eyes, then you can try shades that contrast well and make them stand out. Sienna and grey work best for that purpose, making them look mysterious and sensual. The color of the eye shadow should either match your eye color or create a contrasting look.


The eye shadow should be of three tones: a lighter base, a dark shade for highlighting effect and a shade lighter than the highlighter acting as main eye shadow. Blend these three together in an artful way, and voila, you have got the perfect hollywood look ready to flaunt in the party and be the center of admiration of every one of your friends.

There are few things you need to do before you apply eye shadow to your eyelids. Apply eye primer and dab little foundation over it. This will set up as a base on your skin. After that you should apply base shadow on the eyelid and brow bone. Apply tinge of highlighter to the outer edge and blend the eye shadow properly. A little bit of eyeliner pencil can define your eyes and a curling mascara can produce finishing effect.

Natural shades can work with every outfit and occasion. They also make your eyes look afresh. If you want to sport a simple look for business meetings, then nude shades are the way to go. For special effect, go all out with smoky eye effect. Blend the black and brown shades close to the lower lash and smudge them towards the rest of the eyelid. For day time parties, rosy look is the best choice.

Nude shadeApply a rosy pink eye shadow and work it towards the end of the eyelid. Chuck the inky black or blue eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line to outline the eyes. This combination works best with light shade outfits. For date night, eyes are the first thing that your date will see and for that bit of a flair and drama to the eyes wouldn't be a bad choice. light brown shade and blend it upwards towards the brow bone. Apply shimmery dust in the center of eyelid and brush it till the crease. Enjoy rocking different looks at different occasions by experimenting with different shades and colors of eye makeup and be the trendy diva of the party.

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