How To Prevent Those ‘Dark Circles’


The age-old phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is apt even today in each situation be it professional or personal. We have been following this saying since childhood. Aren’t we?

Though curing is the second phase of illness but in most of the cases we try and search for cures only rather being a step ahead and killing the nip in the bud. It’s always better to prevent than being in a hard situation.

How to prevent those ‘Dark Circles’

Today, we’ll talk about the prevention of dark circles rather talking about their cure. There are numerous remedies available to cure dark circles but why searching for their cure when we can keep them at bay.

All you need is to Follow: 

1. You should follow a healthy routine which must include following a balanced diet chart.

2. You must drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day.

3. Make sure you consume a diet which is rich in iron, besides Vitamin B and E. Vitamin E is miraclous in keeping dark circles away.

4. It is essential to sleep for a minimum of 6-8 hours.

And also you need to avoid the following:

5. Try and avoid stress as much as possible. Also stay calm in odd situations and don’t panic too much.

6. Those with a sweet tooth, control your obsession! Cut down on your eating habits as too much intake of sweets makes you prone to dark circles!

7. If you have a serious illness don’t hesittate to consult a skin specialist.Avoid applying too much makeup or chemical bleaching around your eyes to hide the circles.

8. Avoid smoking, drinking and eating junk food!

It is essential to take care of your health as ‘Health is Wealth’. Following these basic steps can extract the best results to fight dark circles.

Hope these steps were beneficial or you. If you too have some secret remedies to prevent dark circles do share with us your valuabe experience.

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