Tutorial for Blue Eyes That Will Hypnotize


Makeup is the heart and soul of a woman as it enriches her feminine charisma. When we talk about makeup, no makeup is complete without the eye makeup and eyeshadow adds the final touch to your magnetic eyes. In fact, eyeshadows add to the details of your eyes in such a fashion that they stand apart from the crowd.

You may have tried a number of eyeshadows but did you get the desired look?Are you ready to come out of your comfort zone and try some bold colors?Are you ready to explore the blue colour for eye shadow for the magnetic Blue eyes?If blue is on your mind then let’s go for it!

Blue eye shadow

For most of the girls like me, eye makeup is mere a headache or an inseparable task! If that’s the case, then just stop worrying about it.If you yearn for the blue eyeshadow then you are just at the right place. Let me take you through a tutorial on how to apply the Blue eye shadow to acquire those alluring eyes!

Here are some of the essentials you got to have for the perfect Blue eye shadow.

1. Eye Primer

2. Blue Eye Shadow

3. Eye Makeup Brushes

4. An Eye Liner

5. A mascara

So, let’s get started with the simple steps!

Step 1. First of all clean the area around your eyes thoroughly. Apply a cream or moisturizer and massage it well.

Step 1

a. After that apply the eye primer that gives you a long-lasting seamless finish.

b. Alternatively, you can even use the concealer that matches your skin tone and expand it with a transparent powder.

Step 2. Apply a dark blue shade all over your lid with the stiff brush.

How: Start the application from the centre and sweep it towards both inner and outer corners!

Step 2

Step 3: Apply the light blue eye shadow and crease it well. Blend it up and out towards the outer corner of the eye. Brush it up towards the beginning edge of the brow bone.


Step 4: Use Highlighter:

Use the glittery silver or white eye shadow that distributes the shade softly on the brow bone.

Step 4

Step 5: Apply Eyeliner to define the eyes:

Use your favourite eyeliner and start lining the eye from the outer corner and then slowly pull it inwards to the other side.

Eye Liner

 Step 6: Apply Mascara:

Finish off the look by applying two coats of mascara either black or navy. Apply the mascara evenly on the top and bottom lashes. Make sure the mascara doesn’t dry in between the procedure.

Step 6

Yes, here you are! All set to flaunt your eye makeup.

If you are thinking which eye shadow will give that glamorous touch to your eyes then without doubt go for Lavera - Eye Color Illuminating Eyeshadow .

Lavera Eye Color Illuminating eyeshadow

This eye shadow doesn’t only act as a bio-organic brightening eye shadow but also gives your eyes the metallic, dramatic & shimmering finish.

Well this was the complete session of blue eyes tutorial. Got feedback or suggestions on the same? Do share…

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