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A bad odor can turn off your mood and a pleasant one can turn it on! Agree? And who doesn’t want to smell wonderful? That is why selecting the right fragrance for the right occasion at the right time had always been a tough challenge for one and all. Furthermore, opting for a scent that differentiates you from others and makes you feel special is not a simple job. Has it been confusing for you too? Let me help you out overcoming this dilemma.

Day and Evening perfumes

Using the right scent for the day or evening plays an important role in enhancing the effect of any fragrance. It is advisable to choose a light and fresh fragrance during the day whereas fragrance for the evening should be warm and more intense. This distinction has a lot to do with the fluctuating temperature and humidity. 

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Choosing fragrances is made on the basis of seasons as well because each season has a specific weather, temperature and moisture that may effect in the results of the fragrance.

Let’s read on to know more…

Flavours of the seasons:

Temperature, in different seasons, is one of the major factors that plays a significant role in intensifying the results of your fragrance. Change in temperature, therefore, makes it very important for you to make the right decision when choosing a perfume to wear.

The way you have specific wardrobe and accessories for different seasons, in the same way, you should opt for different fragrances for different seasons. In the summer season the fragrance would evaporate faster whereas in winters evaporation becomes difficult which may change the results of the fragrance.

Let’s review some tips and references for fragrances to wear in different seasons.


Spring is accepted to be the fresh season that brings flora and fauna to full bloom. The season is all about freshness, cheerfulness, and blossoms. It is during this season when temperatures rises resulting in the freshness in your mood. Let’s enhance this feeling with the right fragrance for you. The fragrance notes that go best in the spring season are crisp, light, and fresh the aromas for the same is like basil, mint, floral, etc.

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The very first thought of the summer season brings to mind scorching sun, hot weather, ripe fruits and even long summer nights. There is dullness in the weather and it needs fresher and cooler fragrances to get the best contrast with the weather. Summer perfumes should be used cautiously and lightly as their scent leaves stronger fragrance due to high temperatures. Majorly used summer notes are rose, jasmine, orange blossoms, bergamot etc al.


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Fall offers a gateway to the cooler temperature. It gives respite from summer’s heat and brings tranquility with it. The weather attracts you for long walks, outdoor games and spending more time outside in the open. Woody notes are believed to be the best fragrances in this season.

Warm and musky notes that go apt with the season are like sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, patchouli etc.

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Winter is supposedly fragrance’s favourite season. During winters fragrances get the much required time and temperature to fume out the delicate and sophisticated notes. In the dearth of outside fragrances your scent gets time for the desired olfaction. Winter perfumes are both strong and warm concentrated on the exotic oriental scents. Notes which are best for the season are vanilla, amber, cinnamon, spices and incense etc.

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There is no denying fact that some colognes smell better in the heat whereas some smell better in the cold. Yes, despite the season classification any of the scents can be worn at any time of the day but the temperature can cause fragrances to smell differently.

I personally keep testing different fragrances across the year which gives me a better idea to analyze what exactly they smell like.

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