These Makeup Brushes Can Make You Gorgeous


Woman’s one of the inseparable chores that enhances her feminine façade is Makeup. Agree? Not only it catches everyone’s eye but boosts her confidence, enhances her overall personality, and definitely makes her stand out from the crowd. And when we talk of makeup, choosing the right brush is one of the most important tools that can easily enhance or diminish your appearance.

There are numerous makeup brushes available in the market for everyday use. It’s a boon as it increases the spectrum to choose the right one for us. Simultaneously, it is a bane as it augments the confusion which one to choose and how many brushes do we really need?

If you find it problematic while dealing with brushes, and if you skip makeup just because you are unaware of makeup brushes, it’s time to ease out that stress. I will share with you some of the most outstanding & impeccable makeup brushes that will make you fall in love with makeup all over again!

It’s time to explore the seven basic makeup brushes. Ready? Let’s get started..

1. Foundation Brush:

The very first tool in beauty arsenal is an accurate Foundation Brush. Besides providing coverage over spots and blemishes it can easily blend the foundation on your face. 

Foundation Brush

Use is cautiously and delicately for the perfect smooth results.

Foundation brush.

2. Powder Brush:

This is an appropriate product for the application of powder foundations. This soft brush gently distributes colour for a smooth texture and provides perfect and even finish.

Powder Brush

This soft brush gently distributes colour for a smooth texture and provides perfect and even finish

Powder Brush

3. Concealer Brush:

Concealers in self-applying stick or pen form are available in the market but none of them can match the flexibility of a brush.

Concealer Brush


The fine concealer brush works so well in reaching into the corners of under eyes, bridge of the nose and around the lips.

Concealer Brush

4. Brow/Spoolie Brush:

This is an amazing combination brush.

4.	Brow/Spoolie brush


The spoolie brush is perfect for grooming brows as well as creating great eyelashes.

Brow/Spoolie brush

5. Eye-shadow Brush:

Applying eye shadows in any form — cream or powder is absolutely convenient with the eye shadow brush.

Eye Shadow Brush


As mentioned earlier the brush covers all the coverage as it easily spreads the eye shadow over the lid and under the crease as well.

Eye Shadow Brush

6. Angled Liner Brush:
Its tough to apply an eyeliner with a flat or slanted brush. Here, an angled liner brush is the approrriate tool for the perfect line on the lashline.

Angled Brush

This brush can also be used for applying brow powder on the brows.

Angled Brush

7. Lip Colour Brush:

Lip Color Brush

It’s easy to apply lipstick or glass straight from the tube and somewhere it doesn’t make such shape and give perfect color!

Lip Color Brush

Well, these brushes are just the tools for application. The results of these tools solely depend on how much time you invest over it and how much makeup you can carry. But these seven basic makeup brushes are the must have tools to master your makeup skills and to get that stunning, attractive look.

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