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Tanning was kept at bay earlier but now, tanning, especially self-tanning, is talk of the town. In fact, many celebrities have been spotted in the tanned look. Are you wondering what is making this tanned look so popular? Well, besides its flaunt element it also has several beneficial features. I know you would like to know more… Read on!

Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning For Body.


If your body tone is pale or you have some discoloration, a self-tan makes you look healthier. It acts as a concealer for skin imperfections. For those with some extra kilos, this product can make you appear thinner. If you are scared of going out in the sun but yearn for the tanned look then self tanners are just the thing for you. It even protects you from harmful UV rays.

Have you practiced the technique to tan your body ever or is it new to you? Even if you are new, don’t worry! I am here to guide you through.

There are many products available nowdays in the market however my recommendation is Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning For Body.

Kanebo Sensai Silky Bronze Self Tanning For Body.

Why Kanebo Sensai? Because it is an easy to apply self tanning treatment for your body. It glides smoothly.Provides effective hydration and creates an even and glowing bronze look instantly.

Let’s get started for that desirable tanned look.

1. First of all, wax the desired areas of your body where you want to get the tan.

2. Once waxed, exfoliate your body with a good scrub.

3. Dry yourself nicely as tan would not work effeciently on the wet body.

4. Moisturise your body with a nice body lotion after drying.

5. Start from the bottom. Apply the tanner first on your ankles in circular motion and move upwards. This procedure will create an even layer of tan.

6. Apply Vaseline on hairline including eyebrows so that they don’t absorb more tan.

7. Be extra cautious while applying the layers around bridge of your nose and top lip as these areas tend to absorb more colour.

8. Add baby powder after the application so that it sets easily and then let it dry.

9. Once dried evenly take shower aftter approximately 6-8 hrs of the application.

10. If splotches appear than rub half lemon on the area, buff it with damp towel.

    Just a little precaution always use gloves before the application it will prevent your hands from stains.

    Follow these simple steps and here you are all set to kiss the sun or flaunt the tan on the beach…

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