Girls, Dress It Right On Valentine’s


All set for the D-day? You must have got the perfect gift for your partner and may have set the stage for the memorable day by now. In short you may have planned everything for your valentine but what about your attire? Chose, or still thinking what to wear? I know you want to look your best on the special day when you are with your valentine. Put a pause to your search and read on for the right dress for the fête…

Red colour has numerous significances majorly being extremes. But for lovers it denotes only passionate love. Try different shades of Red apt for the valentine’s celebration coupled with red lip color. You may also try black for fine dine or other brighter shades to add to the mood. Subtle-nude shades too can be tried.

Red Color

Once you are done with choosing the right colour for you it’s time to choose the perfect dress type. Let’s explore the styles for the season.

1. Bodycon dress:

The one–piece dresses fits to your body shape and enhance your looks. Choose bold colours if you are conscious about your figure. This choice will definitely make you look slimmer and attractive. Carry it with confidence and impress him all over again!

Body-con dress

2. Maxi dress:

Try this dress to add a little romance to your celebration.  Ignore all the non-curvaceous flaws just concentrate on your make up and here you are, ready to go girl!

Maxi dress

3. Lace Dress:

Go for laced dresses if you prefer to add grace and elegance to your looks. Other than the specified shades you can also try neutral and pastels shades with this dress type.

Lace dress

4. Printed Dress:

Go for printed dresses if you don’t want a typical valentine look. This dress type gives a casual look that adds liveliness to the environment.

Printed dress

5. Party Dress:

If you have plans to hit the dance floor with your special girls gang or with your Man, choose your favourite party dress and the raise the style bar.

Party dress

Try these styles and make your Valentine’s special. Yes, if you have some other styles in mind do share with us for other beautiful ladies to give your style a try!

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