Know Your Perfume


Love fragrances? Well, everybody does, because no one wants to smell bad. In fact, nice fragrance boosts up your confidence whereas bad odour can rip apart your image! Hope you will agree to it!

Most of us are crazy for fragrances but many like me must have faced the dilemma to pick the right one for them. And the most crucial task is to pick between the words- eau de parfum, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette.

Yes, most of us get confused and are unaware of the difference between all these categories.If you too have found yourself in this situation than this informative write up is just for you!

Know Your Perfume

Let’s get on to the voyage and unearth the mystery.

Fragrance is something that always leaves a lasting impression.Higher the concentration of fragrance, the longer it will stay. Perfume, Eau de cologne, Eau de toilette and Eau de perfume are differentiated on the basis of the level of concentration of fragrance proportion.

Let’s discuss about all of them for a broader and clearer picture.

Perfume (parfum): This essence is especially for the people who are inclined towards the strongest scent. Its long lasting aroma proves its mettle over other fragrances. This 15-30% of aromatic compounds’concentration creates a powerful impact. The fragrance stays intact for more than 6 hours, though the longevity depends on skin to skin.

Perfume (parfum)

Eau de toilette (EDT): People who prefer mild fragrances their first choice is less concentrated scents or the EDTs. EDT has 5-10% concentration of the essence of aromatic compound. EDT is less concentrated and lighter than EDP and its effect stays for approximately 2-4 hours.


Eau de Parfum (EDP): With concentration of about 10-20% EDPs possess a strong fragrance which is much enduring than EDTs. Aromatic compounds in Eau de perfume have long lasting fragrances. The concentration is stronger than EDT’s and lesser than Parfums. It has a durability of 3-5 hours.


Eau de cologne: If you are looking for some subtle and warm fragrances you may EDC. It is lesser-concentrated aromatic compound because it is lighter than EDTs. It contains excellent dilution of fragrances with a 3-5 % concentration of perfume essence that stays for more than 2 hours.


Some people are gifted with noses that easily distinguish between scents and some are clamoured to know about ambiguous and mysterious fragrance that you are wearing and I’ve got all the top differences that can make you answer to the surge of crowd who are enticed towards your fragrance! So wear theses fragrances and make the crowd envy.


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