Perfect Office Attires For The Lovely Ladies


Getting ready for office seems such a boring and tedious task. Well, if you have a uniform, its perfectly fine but choosing different attire with myriad shades and designs is definitely a tough job everyday. I can understand how much we hate getting out of our bed and get ready for office on a Monday morning because we haven’t even recovered from the weekend hangover. I know the title too seems so dull but let’s add some energy to it. Let there be some excitement overshadowing your Monday blues making each day appear a perfect weekender. It’s time to transform this task to a happening chore. 

No, I am not on a preaching job here! I am here just to guide you so that you can kick start a Monday morning cheerfully and continue the weekend fun by dressing interestingly for your office.Most of us believe getting ready for office is boring and monotonous. I would want you think about it again! Here are some ideas which will change your outlook for office attires forever and provide you with the much required oomph…

First, let’s talk about the style we all are familiar with- ‘The Classic Look’. Recognized as the professional look it includes formal trouser, Shirt and blazer. But girls, you can add little spice to it by teaming it with heels and accessorizing it with various accessories including neckpiece, bracelet and a classy watch. I always use my favourite accessories to carry my daily office look.

Classic look

Next look is for people who want some casual touch to their attire and do not want to dress formally. The ‘Casual Look’ is just for you. The best idea is to team your trousers with feminine top with nice formal heels and complete the whole look by carrying a professional bag.

casual look

Then comes the – ‘Glam Look’. This look is for those who want a touch of glamour on their look. Are you one of them? Then pencil skirts, silky blouses are the right choice for you. Carry yourself with swiping bright colour lipsticks and a nice bag.

Glam look

Simply Feminine is the look which is purely feminine yet attractive and professional. Knee-length dresses paired with blazers add to your professional look. Tiny jewellery items can be worn to complete the look.

Feminine look

For those who love living over the edge I have something very special that will suit your style. If strict office attire is not a necessity at your workplace then you can go for T-shirts paired with a leather jacket. You can team it up with studded boots or tennis shoes. And to add more spark colour your lips dark! 

Edgy look

Experiment all these styles and be different every day. If you have experimented some other looks do share it with us.

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