Winter Colours For Your Wardrobe


Forget the mist, fog and winter blue and colour the season the way you want to! Besides the chilly winds and freezing weather winters offer a lot more, we just need to explore and find more out of it!

Are you picking up the right colour? Get the winter warmth by draping yourself in best and the right colors this season.

Embracing the right colour not only changes your mood but also lights up your complexion. Look younger with the right colour as a wrong selection may make you appear older, choice is yours!

Generally dark shades become colour for the season for various reasons, and it leaves me too in a state of dilemma whether to use other colours or not? Do you go through the same? Let’s discover the hues of winter; let’s experiment — get trendy and stylish this season!

First on my let’s try list is Grey and Blue-Grey. Well, these colours go well with winter’s nature and its myriad hues. Merge in the palettes and shine in the weather!


Next colour I have for you is Olive Green. Not a staple military colour or bound to its peripheral. This robust colour displays the earthiness and the organic tinge. Go out, be adventurous and enjoy the season in nature coloured tone! 

Olive Green

If you are looking for some cool and yet a warm tone Cashmere rose is a must try. It adds more charm to your rosy cheeks in winters.

Cashmere rose

Biscay Blue is the most Magnetic, elegant and serene colour to go for this winter. Wear this colour, dresses like a chic and walk which grace!

Biscay Blue

Looking for something subtle and sophisticated? Dark Blue is just the colour for you. This contemporary and classy colour earns you attention!

Dark Blue

Wine: It conveys glamour and luxury no matter what you team it up with. With its tranquilizing twist I am sure you will be ready to embrace the warmth this colour carries.


Orange:Elegant yet a bright and vibrant colour for the happy-go-lucky person. Let this colour unravel your hidden nature and bring alive your youth.


Next in the list is the Amethyst Orchid. Like the stone amethyst that possesses healing powers this bright purple colour can offer soothing effect when you drape it.

Amethyst Orchid

The list does not end here! There are numerous shades to try from.

Get the glamorous superstar-look with Metallic Silver. Besides these experimental shades the list is always open to Classic Reds, Browns and Black.

So, Go Get experimental and play with colors this winter!

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