Choose Your Winter Palette


Fed up of trying numerous make up colours in different seasons? Confused between choosing the right and some different colours this winters? If you too have been searching replies to these questions, it’s time for a breather!

Let’s get glamorous with that sparkling radiance and aura in winters too. I never let my beauty fade away and so should you!

I believe makeup should change according to the season. And every season must have a distinct make up statement. Well it’s time to go dark this season. Why? Bright and florescent clothes with bright makeup wouldn’t appear appealing to anyone. Would it?

Have you ever wondered how to get that glam in winters? Well, even if you haven’t, let me guide you through for that perfect winter look. Let’s start with moisturising your face and applying your favourite foundation. Make sure the foundation is silicon based.

After the base it is time to give some definition to your eyes. Wing it with your eyeliner and enhance it further with a little mascara.

Smokey eyes look best in winters because it complements the spirit of the weather. You can choose from form a range of silver and brown eye shadow shades.

Choose your Winter Palette

After eyes its blushing time! Add a little blush to your cheeks as it adds to the overall look. You can try shades like coral peach and plum.

Colouring your lips right is one of the most crucial to-do missions in winters. Let dark shades be the colour for this season for your lovely lips. Choose Berry and plum look as it suits the whole dramatic look and looks glamorous indeed!


Don’t be scared to carry the bold look. Wear your confidence and walk through with style, grace and elegance.

It is all about palettes and myriad hues. If you have distinct shades to share or you have experimented some unique shades with wonderful results don’t forget to share with us for all the beautiful lasses out there!

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