Body cream OR Body Lotion?


Winters bring the winter blues coupled with its exclusive hues. But what worries most of us is, to keep lackluster skin at bay, Body cream to buy or Body lotion to choose? Isn’t it?

Well, if you too face this dilemma between choosing a Body cream or Body lotion in winters, its time to take a deep breath. Lets break this confusion by making the right selection. 

Body cream OR Body Lotion

The harsh Winters leave our skin dry and we need to moisturize it every now and then. But when both – lotion and cream solve the same purpose, which distinctive feature makes the choice so tough? Well, the major and the notable difference is that the Body lotions are less viscous, less greasy and weightless whereas Body creams are viscous, greasy and heavy to wear.

Body creams are the best choice when we need quick moisturising that instantly relieves us from dryness. It acts as a protective shield and helps in restoring and retaining skin moisture for a longer period. However, if your skin type is normal and the loss of moisture is not much, a lotion would do the same to recuperate the lost moisture!

There are numerous products in the market but its good to invest in some of the best body creams this winter that provides you value for your money.

Cartier Must de Cartier Satin Body Cream did wonders to my dry skin. You may give it a try too!

Cartier Must de Cartier Satin Body Cream

This rich moisturizing body cream firms the skin by providing immediate lift & tightness. It helps in toning & hydrating the entire body resulting in smooth and silky skin besides offering the sensation of freshness and suppleness.

If your skin type is normal and less dry you can also go for Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro Di Sardegna Energizing Body Lotion.

for Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro Di Sardegna Energizing Body Lotion

The lavish fragranced body moisturizer contains conditioning ingredients that revitalize your skin. It envelops skin in a satiny, protective veil of moisture infused with an energizing fragrance that awakens your senses. Your Skin appears softer, smoother, soothed & more comfortable.

So, just wear these protective veil and protect your skin in from dryness and roughness.

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