Choose The Correct Cleanser For Your Skin Texture


Why the image of an organisation or a trusted brand is called to have a great ‘Face Value’? Yes, because it is the face that counts… 

Face is what people notice, face is what people see, and face is what people remember, and when your existence matters a lot because of your face it has to be taken care like a precious gemstone!

 Let that radiance on your face leave a million dollars smile on everyone’s face coming in contact with you. Maintaining those looks definitely calls for a dedicated skin care regime and incorporating a cleanser in our daily routine definitely makes a difference.

Do we really know about cleansers?

Cleansers are primarily used to clean dirt, oil, dead-cells, makeup and numerous pollutants from the skin. It not only prevents our skin from acne but also unclogs the pores and keeps the skin healthy, clean and of course, clear. The best cleansers purify, refresh & nourish the skin. Cleansers may be a boon or bane for your skin, which depends on how you choose them. Markets are nowadays flooded with cleansing tools including face washes, facial wipes, sponges and brushes, but choosing the right cleanser for your skin is what matters! 

One may feel that the cleanser is working on their skin but it may have an adverse effect too. Depending on the skin type it may leave dryness, roughness and even acne!

Hope you did not fall prey to one of the wrong selections? If you did, and now you doubt to make the right selection, let me sail you through.

Washing face is one of the most important steps in any beauty regime. Removing dirt or grime and even the make-up is the first step to clean your skin because none of the beauty products really work as dust, dirt and makeup. Furthermore these elements may clog the pores and may hamper complete cleaning of the face. What’s more important is to use a cleanser that is completely compatible with your skin.

Are You Really Using Correct Cleanser:

Brand conscious? I have chosen products for different skin types that are worth trying.
If your skin is sensitive and you are looking for a branded cleanser then you are just on the right track!

1. Cleanser for the sensitive skin 

Aveda -All Sensitive Cleanser is one of the best cleansers recommended for the sensitive skin.

Aveda -All Sensitive Cleanser

This hydrating cleanser is blended with soothing botanicals that gently removes impurities and makeup while balancing the moisture. It leaves sensitive skin feel soft & comfortable.

2. Cleanser for the dry skin

Elizabeth Arden- Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (Dry Skin) is best suited for dry to very dry skin

This product has enticed many people to follow it religiously and this inclination has made it the leader in the segment. It is a nourishing creamy cleanser for dry skin that keeps the skin calm, soft, sleek bright & healthy looking! The cleanser offers a sense of luxury and protection and is dermatologist & clinically-tested.

Elizabeth Arden- Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (Dry Skin)

3. Cleanser for the oily skin

Those with oily skin textures or combination to oily skin need not to worry because this product will make you happy.

Clarins- Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind & Purifying Micro Pearls (Combination/ Oily Skin) is an effective product for combination or oily skin. It removes dry skin cells to unclog pores. It contains tamarind fruit acid that refines skin texture in oily zones! It leaves the skin clean, clear & fresh!

Clarins - Gentle Foaming Cleanser
4. Cleanser for the normal skin

Last but not the least, those with the normal skin texture there’s need to pamper your skin as well. Lancaster Express Cleanser for Face & Eyes (All Skin Type) gives an exceptionally comfortable sensation and leaves the skin clean, soft & toned. Moreover, it cleans and relaxes the eye area as well!
Lancaster Express Cleanser
I must say these products rejuvenates the senses and leaves the skin fresh, soft and clear. It's not only about the elegant looks; it's also about the healthy skin that displays natural charm.

Healthy living leads to beautiful skin and you should love to take the best care of it!

How should we use them?

Use it gently as scrubbing hard with too much pressure may hurt the skin. Select the appropriate cleanser and massage a decent amount onto wet skin and rinse well. It may showcase remarkable results when coupled with warm bath.

Personally, I follow this cleansing process very sincerely. I find it one of the best ways to love your face! It’s your time to showcase your love for your face too…

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