Strike With A Streak


Someone has rightly said — Eyes are the perfect gateway to one’s soul and heart. Eyes are precious and meant to leave a mark with a single gaze. Isn’t it? Unleash the hypnotism in those eyes with the perfect eyeliner!

These days, eye makeup has not remained a mere makeup for eyes but it has transformed the fashion statement. Everybody wants to master the art and hone the skill of eye make up.

Brow & Liner Ecriture

So, for that piercing gaze all you need is an appropriate tool and what better than a perfect eyeliner.

Personally, I have tried different eye liner brands. After several scrutinising sessions with numerous brands the only eyeliner that did justice to my skills was Chanel - Brow & Liner Ecriture De Chanel.

Chanel - Brow & Liner Ecriture

This easy to use eyeliner contains special pigments that promote deep and long lasting colour. It renders a smooth precise line every time.

This product being Ophthalmologist tested confirms that it is 100 per cent safe for your eyes.

True romance is all in the details, and its time for some detailing. Define the language of our eye with the radiance of a glance and let those eyes start a conversation.

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