Add Fragrance to your Lovely Abode!


Here comes the winter season with a bang of chilly winds and freezing cold leaving everyone crave for tender warmth and comfort.

Let the winters bestow upon you the warmth that you desire! And guess what? I have a very special surprise for you to add up charm to your lovely winters.

Daylong professional commitments leave everyone tired and restless and what all they desire after reaching home is a little coziness and fresh environ. So, let me take you to a world that is fresh and warm and will definitely transport you to paradise!  

Add Fragrance to your Lovely Abode!

Yes, I am talking about scented candles that not only light up your room but also provide a magical ambience. I bet you will surrender yourself to this mesmerizing environment.

A sweet whiff is always appealing to our senses as it soothes our body and soul. But Hang on! Let’s add up a little spice to the cozy winter blues. Surprised? Yes, this winter instead of some sweetness add spices in the aroma with the Floris Scented Candle- Cinnamon & Tangerine. Bang on and go for the tangy spices this freezing winter.

 Floris Scented Candle - Cinnamom & Tangerine

This luxurious scented candle contains high level of pure fragrant oils that create a richly fragrant ambience at home. What more? The hand poured blended wax ensures even and longer burning with amazing aromatic experience till the last point.

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