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Do you need a Toner?

I always thought that it as an unnecessary step in my skincare routine until I started using the right one.

Toners are the Skin Tonics. It restores back the pH of our skin. Toner comprises of lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin removing dust and impurities, pollution and shrink the appearance of pores.


So are you using the right Toner for your skin?

Toners can be used for different skin type including oily, dry and combination of both. Different toners are for different skin types and one should be wise enough to choose the right type.

Most toners are water-based liquids composed of specific active ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils. Mainly there are hydrating toners, calming and soothing toners, and astringent toners.

Skin toner

For Oily skin you have to be really careful of using right toner because some toner contains irritants like alcohol, hazel and menthol which hamper your skin healing.

For dry and sensitive skin types all you need is gentle alcohol free toner which causes less dryness and reduces oiliness and with complete care routine you can witness enlarged pores becomes smaller.

So when can toners be applied:

Toners should be applied twice a day. You can start your day by cleansing your face and dab a little bit of toner on cotton pad and treat your skin with its daily nourishment followed by applying moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated so that it can feel fresh.

Then again at night you can use the toner and follow the same routine and go back to sleep.


There are varieties of toners available in the market however i would personally recommend Dr.Phamo.Ginkgo La Toner.

Dr. Phamo R Ginkgo La Toner

A nutritive & hydrating facial toner Formulated with Ginkgo leaf extract that supplies nutrients to skin. It offers calming & anti-inflammatory properties. Blended with various botanical ingredients to deeply moisturize skin and leaves skin soft, smooth & healthy looking.

So, make it apart of daily regime and see the results your skin will feel younger, healthier and smoother like never before.

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