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Are you looking for something that is light, Stays long and is easy on the pocket than Body mists are just the thing for you. Body mists are airy, light and they have some fresh appeal. Body Mist stays long when applied after shower and the fragrance is just amazing.

Have you Noticed that Body mist disappear within a short time and do not stay longer.

You know what? You can make your body mist stay longer by just applying Body Mist after shower. Since your pores are open immediately after shower, they readily absorb the spray and helps in retaining the fragrance longer .Spread the lotion generously across the surface where you are intending to apply the mist on and then allow a distance of about 1 foot when you are spraying the body mist towards yourself. You can also spray body mist on your hair brush and then use it to comb your hair and experience the subtle smell.

There are varieties of Body mists available in the market so, let me introduce you to my favorites.

First one I have for you is this amazing Burberry Body Alcohol Free Body Mist

Burberry Body Alcohol Free Body Mist

A lighter version of the original Body parfum With an alcohol-free formula ideal for very delicate skin As it is free of alcohol so will be completely gentle on your body.

Second option I have for you is Ahava Deadsea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist (Cactus & Pink Pepper)

Ahava Deadsea Plants Dry Oil Body Mist

It is formulated with light & amp moisturizing oils. It Contains vitamins, anti-oxidants including omega-3, omega-6 & Dunaliella algae extract Helps fight against the signs of aging on body skin quickly dissolves into skin. Expose yourself to its mystic as well as floral fragrance.

So, just dive into these two special Body Mists and get refreshed.

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