Feels like your eyes are loosing that vibrancy and radiance. Do not worry we have the right thing for you. Eyes are the first things that people notice. It is more prominent area where wrinkles and fine lines are visible.

Have you experienced fine lines around the eyes which are very common these days due to our hectic routine, late night working, clubbing and pollution.

To get that perfect look, eye serum can potentially make a big difference. Dark, puffy circles and bags under eyes can make you feel less attractive and make you appear older than you really are.

To counter those imperfections there are various surgical and various expensive procedures. However, incorporating an eye serum, which not only provide difference in your look but also is cost effective. So just include eye serum in your daily regimen and see the difference.

So why eye Serum:

  •  It restores suppleness and gives radiance to skin
  •  Light enough to wear under your usual eye cream.
  •  Contour and firms skin
  •  Reduces fine lines around eye area
  •  Diminishes puffy bags
  •  Are U using the Right Eye Serum?

Special care should be taken when using Eye Serum for sensitive eyes. Experts recommend using hypoallergenic formulae that do not cause allergic sensation made for sensitive skin. Also you can consult physician before application.

How to apply:

After cleansing your face dispense just a pump of serum onto the ring finger and then evenly distributing onto your other finger and then pressing them together. Starting at the inner corner of eye and press the product along the eye socket. Continue till your temples and finish upper corner of the eyes.

Eye Cream or Eye Serum:

Have you ever thought what is right for you Eye Cream or Eye serum?

Eye Serum is less viscous and can be directly applied to the affected area. Whereas eye creams are greasy and more viscous.

I have used Elizabeth Arden skin illuminating brightening Eye Serum and the product is just awesome.

It is an advanced brightening eye Serum that contains micronized Diamond Power, a blend of Algae extracts and melanin inhibiting technology which will provide that vibrancy to your eyes like never before.

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