The Perfect Nail Art


Sans colours the world seems lifeless! Isn’t it? Same goes with the materialistic world around us. Even the greatest things seem charmless without colours. How about you? Do you like the colourful world or the world without it?

The most two most commonly used colourful make up products are the nail paint and the lipstick. Most of the ladies match their nail paint with their attire or make up shade. Though some dare to go experimental!


Do you love experimenting with colours? If yes, is the answer and you love turning your fingers into art work then this blog is just for you! Today we will talk about the cool nail designs for summers and some of the most appreciated colours are latest in the trend!

Well, rainbow colours, bold shades, glitter or nudes there’s so much to explore… Let’s start exploring the colours, and to begin with, let’s know the shapes that are in for the season!

1. Round: This shorter version is seen throughout the year and is one of the most common designs when it comes to styling your nails.

Round shaped

2. Oval: A little length added to the nails offers this nail shape which is common amidst the younger woman.

oval shaped

3. Squared Oval:This nail effect looks gorgeous and gives you a perfectly clean look which is apt for the working woman.

square shaped

4. Long Almond Shape: Though not a rare one, but, is definitely not a common shape! This shape needs more nail care and focus.

Almond shaped

Once the shape of the nail is done colouring your nails becomes essential. Pastel and brightly pigmented nail polish shades is what gives your nails the perfect look for the ideal summer occasion.

Glittery Blues

Nars nail polish

The hues of glittering blue colours give you a sophisticated look. The deep dark shades look subtle whereas the touch of sparkle gives you the chic look.

You should give a try to NARS Pierre Hardy Ethno Run Nail Polish Duo and enjoy the two different shades.

Opaque Beige


Beige or the nude shades look sexy and appealing! Nudes match most of the skin tones and compliment al the occasions with its warm tone and shiny appearance.

Charcoal Gray

charcoal gray

The gray colour may appear moody but this is the contemporary shade that I trending the fashion world.

Classic Reds

classic reds

Red and all the shades of this colour remain hot favourite in all the seasons.

You should give a try to this  NARS #Torre Del Oro (Cherry Red)


Red seems a staple nail colour around the year. It is vibrant, classy, and enhances the appearance. 

Metallic Shades


Metallic shades offer abundance of options to match with your attire. Glitter in the colours not only add to the confidence but also add charm to the looks.


Green nails

If you want to get rid of dark shade, shades of green are the right pick for you. Most of the pastel hues of this colour are soft, subtle, clean and pale.

You should try this Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener which is a strengthening & anti-aging nail treatment and fast-drying formula that adds a soft shine to nails.

Green nail-paint

Get ready to try these shapes and shades and get started to bowl the world over!

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