Bright up Your Abode and Light up Your Senses!


Light is synonyms to positivity and what better than candles to ease out a stressful day. Fragrance coupled with light is like cherry on the cake! Fragrant candles have soothing effect on our body as our body is sensitive to diverse scents and reacts in the same way!

Made from soy wax, soy candles are the in thing nowadays. With lower melting point than traditional waxes these candles have longer life and are recommended for aromatherapy over petroleum and synthetic based wax candles.

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Scented candles stimulate the senses and help our mind, body, and soul to relax and rejuvenate and get rid of negative emotions.

Available in a plethora of aromas, blends, colours, shapes and sizes these candles also burn very clean.

Today we will discuss about these candles that not only brighten up your abode but also revive your senses.

Different candle fragrances

Citrus Scents- This is one of the most common fragrances found in most of the houses. Available in the grapefruit, lemon, orange fragrances it invigorates and cheers up the mood of a room. Most of the lemon fragrances eliminate anxiety and stress. Available in different fragrances it is an idle gift for any occasion or celebration.

Terra Essential Scents- It's a hand-poured & aromatherapy scented candle which is made of 100% pure soy wax & pure natural oils.


Lavender- This fragrance offers a gentle and calming effect. It helps relieving stress, depression and anxiety. It can be easily found in both a bedroom and a bathroom.

Vanilla- As you would have thought, this aroma, leaves an uplifting and relaxing effect. Besides comforting the senses it can be the right choice for a romantic evening

Vanila home scents

Cinnamon- This fragrance has effect on your nerves. With miraculous calming effects it helps you in getting rid of fatigue and exhaustion.

Rose- A symbol of love, rose possesses the capacity to calm down a person. The comforting scent of a rose effectively creates a meditative and mystical atmosphere that spreads positivity around your abode.

Aroma soy candle


Sandalwood- This fragrance is associated with meditation. With comforting ability it helps alleviate exasperation and get rid of depression.

Besides the aforestated aromas, there are numerous other relaxing, sensual and calming fragrances available in the market including Geranium, Jasmine and Lilac that can prove to be value for your money.

Bright up your home with the candles possessing any of the discussed scents. And if you use some other fragrance, don’t hesitate to share with our readers and followers.

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