How to Prevent the Sun Tan?


There is no denying that the scorching summer heat eats away the glowing skin leaving it tanned and a tad dark. Due to the soaring temperatures and vulnerability to the UV rays the skin starts turning dull, blemished and oily a bit. Tanning is the most common problem that throbs in the summer season, which makes the skin more prone to dark patches and wrinkles abound. It becomes important for us to take due care of our skin during the summer season.

Sun tan

Today, we’ll discuss a few simple yet significant points that need to be kept in mind to protect your skin. Read on to find out how you can keep the ill effects of the hot weather conditions, especially the ultraviolet rays at bay.

1. Choose the right clothes

Whenever you step out of your house make sure you are wearing heat-resisting clothes. It is advisable that you wear loose clothes, as far as possible, so that most of the skin is duly covered. Thickly-knitted clothes are best to fight the harsh glares of the sun. Long sleeve, collared shirts and long trousers help pre-empt chances of skin exposure besides providing optimal protection.

2. Avoid outdoor activities

Try avoiding outdoor activities during the season, between 11am and 4pm, for this period is considered to be the peak hours when sun’s UV rays are even more the strongest. It’s best to plan your day well in advance, to avoid stepping out in the sun.

3. Cover your head and eyes

Under the unavoidable situations, always cover your head with a cap or broad-brimmed hat and eyes with 100 per cent UV protected sunglasses while stepping out in the sun to avoid its exposure. The cap will provide shade to protect your forehead and face and the sunglasses guard your eyes from the Ultraviolet rays.

4. Use Sunscreen


Sunscreen is one of the most commonly used products that shields our delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Apply a sunscreen half an hour before stepping out and repeat after every two hours, if staying outdoors for longer spans of time. It is advisable that you choose the strength of the sunscreen between SPF 15-50 after analyzing your exposure to sunlight. And never forget to cover the most commonly missed areas — hairlines, ears, lips, back of the neck. And, yes, if sporting sandals, make doubly sure you apply sunscreen on top of your feet as well.

5. Seek Shade

During an outdoor activity, look out for shade as much as possible. Try to stand under shacks, or do seek areas of natural shade —under a shady tree, or use an umbrella to create shade for yourself to avoid harmful UV exposure, especially during the extreme sunlight hours.

Follow these steps to avoid tanning as also keeping the harmful effects of sun rays at bay. If you have other protective measures to fight the harms, do share with us!

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