Tips on choosing the BB and CC Creams?


There is no dearth of skin tone correctors in the booming market, but the newest rage for BB and CC creams for the skin, has made the selection a wee bit more bewildering for users. The abbreviation of these much sought-after creams may not be self-explanatory, but there is no denying the fact that these alphabet creams are indeed a craze now amongst the choosy clan of youngsters.

Sometimes choosing the right cream as might matches your skin tone and corrects, can be a tad baffling too. In fact, most of the ladies are oblivious of the difference between these BB and CC creams!

Are you among the confused lot when it comes to lay your hand on the right stuff? Well, if you have been looking for the variations between these creams, your search ends here with this blog, as we are going to discuss about these creams today.

BB Creams:

BB creams

BB stands for — Beauty Balm and these creams are used for more than one purpose. Some of the noticeable properties these possess are as follows:

1. It provides overall coverage and possesses skin care benefits.

2. This cream not only provides coverage but it also offers anti-oxidant, moisturizing and SPF properties.

3. In simple terms it can be termed as a light foundation or non-brightening primer that corrects as well as protects our skin.

4. This cream tends to be better for a dry skin.

5. These are a tad heavier in application yet lighter than foundation.


CC creams

The CC cream stands for Colour Corrective cream and has almost the similar attributes as the BB cream. This cream too contains light foundation, skin-brightening primer, moisturizer, anti-aging ingredients and sunscreen but the striking difference is that some of the CC creams contains better collagen boosters. Here under are its features:

1. CC creams tend to be slightly lighter in application and are considered effective for acne-prone skin.

2. It is majorly used to camouflage the covering redness or shallowness.

3. CC cream is more of a light, feathery feel, superior in texture and better kind of the BB cream.

May be you come across some visible difference in its appearance but as according to features, BB and CC creams are almost the same in tone and texture. In fact, with more or less similar features it is indeed a little too tougher to strike a distinction between the two.

It is advised that you should always use the cream that suits your skin tone. One of the apt ways to find the right cream for you amidst these two is to diligently read the ingredients and try out both, one by one, to finally go for a grab.

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