Eat to Reduce Those Extra Kilos!


Worried about the extra kilos on your body? Trying to shed off the fat by following rigorous diet and exercising routine? Well, there is no denying the fact that following a specific food and work-out practice is imperative for a desired weight loss but is it really good for our body?

Eat to Reduce Those Extra Kilos

If you sincerely want to lose weight you must know which foods to avoid and which ones to include in your diet. If you haven’t started the journey yet let’s introduce some of the cheat foods that can make the task easier for you. Here is a list of some of the most followed weight-loss foods that can help you lose weight without compromising on eating to quench your hunger.


Beans are one of the best source of protein.  Beans are filling, high in fiber and slow to digest which curbs the hunger craving and helps you in reducing weight.



Any type of soup before the main course can help you in reducing weight. Sounds strange? Well, after having broth-based soup you may end up eating less. Avoid cream or butter in soup or the purpose of having it may turn futile.



By including more veggies to your diet, you can easily cut back on calories in your diet. In fact, vegetables offer most of the nutrients that enhance our immune system, help us fighting obesity, and pack our stomach without adding calories or fats to it.



A protein-rich breakfast may easily help you resist eating again and again throughout the day. Proteins make you feel fuller instantly and assist you in avoiding overeating.




Few of the studies suggest that chewing almonds triggers hormones that curb hunger. Chewing almonds more than 30 times leaves you fuller for a longer period.   



It has been proved that those consuming any type of nuts including peanuts, almonds or walnuts during the day eat less during meals. It is suggested that you take small amount of nuts before your diet to reduce food intake for effective weight loss.



Instead of fruit juices opt for crunchy or pulpy fruits. Consuming raw fruits with more fiber shrinks appetite and also helps in reducing weight substantially.

FruitsThese are the miraculous weight loss foods that can help you in getting a desired body. But it must be coupled with avoiding oils, fattening foods and other similar products.

There are chances that these foods may show different results on different individuals. So it is always recommended to consult your dietitian in case of a recommendation or opinion.

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