Perfumes for Men that make a style statement!


What is the guiding force that attracts you towards a man? His looks, style statement or the fragrance that he carries with him? Well, the most likely answer would be his looks, among other things. But have you ever in your wildest dreams imagined that a well-dressed man, may pass nauseating odour?  May sound strange but a bad odour can smash your image in just a bit.


Every man is unique in a sense and tries to maintain the uniqueness that he needs to carry in terms of holding on to a specific aroma that makes him stand out amid the crowd on special occasions. Be it a cocktail party, a blind romantic date, or a conference or a professional confabulation, make a real statement with the fragrance you carry with you.

Today we’ll check out some of the most alluring brands of perfumes that will not only enhance your confidence quotient but also empower you leave an indelible mark on the people you meet on occasions like that.

1.  Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

This is one of the most popular and best-selling perfumes by Giorgio Armani. The light masculine fragrance of this perfume is mild and comfortable to wear. It is apt for all the environs and occasions.

2. Bleu De Chanel

Bleu De Chanel

Pick this aroma if you want that instant seductive fragrance. Bleu De Chanel is a woody fragrance that possesses exotic essence and offers long lasting effect. It has the supremacy to be noticed that boosts your confidence.

3. Guess Seductive

Guess Seductive

Though most of the fragrances are not age specific but yes, this one is a hit amongst the youngsters. This strong fragrance is appropriate for romantic evening date.

4. Hugo Boss Hugo Element

Hugo Boss Hugo Element

Though most of the Hugo Boss perfumes are the best sellers but Hugo element stands out because of its amazing musk blend. Appropriate for all ages and occasions this fragrance definitely is a must have for any masculine wardrobe.

5. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De – L’homme

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De – L’homme

This is an ideal fragrance for cooler seasons and cozy nights. If you are an attention seeker, this is the right pick for you. It not only promises amazing aroma but also offers excellent longevity.

6. Calvin Klein – Eternity

Calvin Klein – Eternity

The brand has produced several most selling fragrances but this specific product stands out because of its masculine scents and sweet aroma. It is the right pick for those who give preference to class over capital. This perfume will never let you down.  

7. Code - Giorgio Armani

Code - Giorgio Armani

Add style to your persona with this product. The amazing blend of citric and tender seductive scent in Code, offers a masculine note which perfect for the contemporary and classy man!

8. Ralph Lauren – ‘Polo Blue’

Ralph Lauren – ‘Polo Blue’

With the right combination of fresh and crispy scents, Polo Blue is one of those colognes every man must try for a lasting impression. It is perfect for the outdoor occasions and workplaces.

NauticaWith fragrances derived from the aquatic verve it offers a masculine scent which is relaxing and refined at the same moment.

10. D&G - The One

D&G - The One

It is a pleasant scent that possesses warm essence coupled with citrus notes for intense fragrance. It is a perfect evening perfume that lasts for a good time.

11. Burberry Brit Splash

Burberry Brit Splash

As the name suggests this splashy perfume is apt for poolside get-togethers. Experience the aquatic vibe with this pick. Just a splash of the Burberry Brit Splash and you are all set for the perfect impression.

12Dunhill Icon

DunhillBurst the crispy freshness of this amazing perfume for the masculine and sophisticated aroma. The spicy and aromatic blend helps you leave your mark where you go!

Try out these perfumes for leaving that mesmerizing essence behind you. If you use a fragrance that you believe makes you stand out from the crowd do share with us. 

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