Top selling products of Calvin Klein!


Calvin Klein has been a name to reckon with in the fashion industry for several years now. It stands amongst the top brands in the world and carries a rich legacy of style, class, impact and status.

CK Collection

Be it the beauty arena or the fabric industry, Calvin Klein has proved its mettle in both by providing the most desirable products to its patrons.

Today, we will be talking about the top selling beauty products by CK that not only makes you charming but also adds charisma to your persona!

1. Calvin Klein Fragrances


CK perfumes have a long history in the fragrance market and what makes its perfumes the top seller is that many of the scents ever produced by CK have remained the bestsellers since inception. Its fragrances are not just refreshing and mesmerizing but they speak a silent language that leaves a mark wherever you go!

2. Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eye shadow 


It offers a range of matte & shimmer eye shadow that creates an endless look. It is light and fragrance free that blends on lids easily.

3. Calvin Klein pouty Lip Gloss

CK pouty

This amazing product leaves a light, noticeable shine on your lips. Available in subtle it possesses vitamins E and C that protect and hydrate your lips besides maintaining the suppleness and softness of lips. The long lasting gloss is non-sticky and leaves your lips dazzling throughout the day.

4. Calvin Klein After Shave Balm

After shave

For the men with sensitive skin this lightweight, scented after shave balm instantly soothes and calms the skin. It moisturizes and comforts the skin after shaving and leaves fresh, soft,  smooth and refreshed skin.

5. Calvin Klein Beauty Bath & Shower Cream

CK shower

This cream efficiently cleanses the body, washes away the impurities, without drying out the skin. This invigorating shower cream is suitable for all skin types that pampers your body, mind and spirit. It not only rejuvenates the body but leaves a soothing effect as well.

6. Calvin Klein CK Be Deodorant Stick

CK deo

This too is CK’s one of the most selling products and is remarkable! This quick-drying, long-lasting deodorant stick capably diminishes underarm odour and dampness. It is delicate on the skin and is perfect for all skin types even the sensitive ones.

These top selling products are essential for any beauty shelf. If you are specific product user by CK do share with us what makes that product special for you and why others should give it a try!

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