The must haves collection from MAC


Most of the cosmetic companies offer a huge range of products and promise overwhelming response. A large chunk of the customers get attracted by the promotional ad campaigns that are aired by these companies on TV. Are you amongst those who select their products on the basis of such ads, or do you spend hours at a beauty counter toggling and testing things out?

MAC collection

Compromising on makeup is a strict no-no as it can cost your skin dearly. Using a product skillfully is evident, but when we talk of the right finish brands definitely play a key role. Amidst some of the most desired makeup brands across the world today we’ll explore the must have collection by MAC cosmetics, a brand that stands for its class and elegance. Well, if you’ve used it or have heard about it, you definitely know what it really stands for!

1. MAC Lipsticks

It is amongst its best-selling products and has added a lot to the market value of the brand to make it famous. This lead-free lipstick is available in several shades and adds notable texture to the lips. The MAC red is the best shade and is a hot pick!


2. Eye Shadow

Available in the form of pigmented powder it blends well with the skin and provides even tone and smooth texture.


3. Tinted Lipglass

Available in a number of shades Tinted Lipglass is one of its kind gloss that adds lustrous shine to the lips. It is apt for to gain extra shine and smoothness. In addition to this it is also beneficial in enhancing the look of your regular lipstick

Tinted lipglass

4. Mascara

This two-in-one mascara comes in a carbon black colour and efficiently intensifies the eye contour. Besides defining the lashes it provides a finishing touch to the makeup.


5. Eyebrow Crayon

This product from MAC works like a pen to define the eyebrows by shaping, coloring and defining. This applicator can be easily toted and does not require a sharpener.


6. Powder Blush (Matte)

Available in various shades and composed with various formulas this excellent product not only adds colour to the face but remarkably highlights the cheekbone.

Powder blush

7. Eyeliner

MAC eyeliners are not only smudge-free and long lasting but are water resistant for up to 12 hours. These easy to use liners move smoothly over the skin and offers a fine finish.


8. Foundation

The foundation blends perfectly into the skin and forms an amazing base for makeup. It is very comfortable and smooth and lasts up to 15 hours in any atmosphere. It controls face oil, gives an amazing matte finish and helps the skin breathe easily.


9. Concealer

It is one of the best concealers in the market that blends easily into your skin and hides blemishes, dark circles and other visible spots.


Well these are some of the best MAC products appreciated the world over. Do you love any other product they stock, do share with us so that we can share it with the lovely ladies out there.

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