Summer Shoes for The Lovely Ladies


Seasons play an important role in our day to day life. Besides bringing visible changes in the flora and fauna it also influences our wardrobe, diet, routine and accessories. Be it the summer, winter, spring or the autumn season, fashion changes across the globe in tune with these seasons.

The first change that we witness in these seasons is the preference of clothes and shoes that express the style statement of a human being. Men may not be too fussy about shoe selection but women, well, the fairer sex is synonymous to fashion and they definitely don’t leave any stone unturned to stay in the first place when it comes to the latest fashion trend.

Most of the summer shoes are generally open on the top and light-weight so that the feet can breathe easily. From clogs, to ballerina flats, to sandals, to other casual shoe options, women need to have the precise shoe variety to match their summer outfits.

While choosing the shoe style it is indeed important to keep in mind all of the activities you do during the day so that you can make the best selection for yourself.

Dear ladies are you in a dilemma to choose the right shoe for you. Don’t worry about it as today we will be discussing about the must haves shoes for the summer season for the damsels.

Let’s discuss some of the summer shoe styles that’ll give you the desired look coupled with comfort and style.

  • Ballerina Flats

These very light shoe type expose much of the top of the foot and are indeed comfortable to wear. This versatile shoe can be easily worn on any occasion with any summer outfit as it goes well with most of the summer dresses including shorts, jeans and other sundresses.

  • Pumps

Pumps, better known as high heels, are the right choice for summer weddings and the formal events. These are appropriate for office as well as these add up to the confidence. Though most of the pumps are with a closed back but you can always opt for open toed or the close toed pumps for better comfort.

  • Clogs

Clogs are easy to slip on shoes that match easily with any casual outfit and offer amazing comfort to the feet. Clogs are open from the back with closed front and toe area. The heels of a clog are mostly a wedge or platform type. These go classy with most of the summer attires and are best for general get-togethers and shopping sprees.

  • Sandals

Sandals, especially the ankle strap sandals trend big time during the summers. It goes right with most of the outfits hence gives you a hot and startling look. Sandals basically have buckles and straps to secure and comfort your feet. It has an outsole secured to the foot and most of the foot is exposed. The market is flooded with different type of sandals so you can make your choice between a casual sandal and a classy sandal  which are appropriate for different occasions.

  • Wedges

Wedges are no different when it comes to make a comparison between wedges and high-heeled shoes. It’s just that heel of the wedges extends the length of the heel. These shoe type add instantly to your height and are definitely one of the great options for any occasion or event.

  • Slip-On Sneakers

This shoe type is amongst one of the most popular shoes that offer remarkable comfort, cushion and style. This comfy flat is easy to wear and its versatile feature makes it easy to pair with skinny jeans, floral skirt and even hot pants. 

Choose the best option that goes apt with your attire and get ready to kick off the sun with the right shoe for you!

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