Choose your attire for the cheerful Spring!


As the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William landed in India, the world was not only talking about it but had their eyes on the couple too. The Duchess was the talk of the town as every fashion buff was snooping to know what the royal stuff in her suitcase was. As the duchess attended numerous functions and visited several places in the nook and corner of the country she showcased an intriguing mix of couture, high-street fashion and a colourful combination of colours through her attires and accessories.

Royal stuff

Well, the royal couple’s style statement has definitely stirred the wardrobes of the fashion followers as more and more fashion freaks are trying to get their hands on the dresses and palettes that they showcased, especially the Duchess. 

Everyone was pondering if the hues in her attire were because of the spring season? The answer may be yes or a no, but catching up with her wardrobe is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. 

If you too had been reading about it and wanted to look fresh this spring don’t get disheartened as we will guide you what colours to choose and what to wear this season to look your best. Spring is supposed to be light, warm and clear. Hence, fashion style makers believe Spring 2016 should include colours that are soothing and calm coupled with myriad hues that are bold and playful.

Are you ready to overhaul your wardrobe and give yourself a colourful spring treat? So, without further ado, let’s get started and take a closer look at the attires and colours that are making waves in the fashion arena…

1. Aim for bright colors and patterns

Bright shades

Dark colours are too dull for this season. Instead go for light colours for that happy and cheerful fresh look to add sparkle to your spring fashion. Choose yellows, blues, or greens instead of dark blues and blacks.

2. Go for Pastels


Pastels always illustrate the spring fresh mood. Try some pastels including sea foam green, lilacs, and pale yellows and add you are all set for a scenic treat.

3. Try Neutral shades


Spring is synonymous to colours but adding some neutrals in your wardrobe to match things with is not at all a bad investment. Tan, navy, grey, white and brown are some of the neutral colours that you should include for your fashion upgrade.

  • Choose lighter fabrics


Clothes that you wear in spring season should be more comfortable to ease you from the rising temperature and for the relaxed feeling. Cotton is one of the most popular choices for the season though you can experiment easily with several other options.

4. Go Floral 


When multi hues of flora and fauna overshadow the surrounding people love to see more flowers. You can give a try to floral dresses or shirts that go well in this season.

5. Can you bare?

Bare dress

It’s good to shed off layers with the increase temperature. Take advantage of this weather and hit the streets with exposed shoulders, shorts and skits. Yes, you can also opt for open back or v-necks.

Well, some of the dresses you may try this spring are:               

1. Loose it all

loose dress

You can definitely try dresses with flowing cuts. Loose fit dresses helps you look trendy and offers comfort at the same time.

2. Printed tops

Printed top

You can choose dresses with floral prints including paisley, polka dots and navy stripes. Floral prints go apt with the season and are synonyms to myriad blooming flowers.


maxi dress

Maxi dress may offer a great help to regulate your body temperature in the warm weather.Try the breezy cuts and such alternate designs that offer respite from the heat.

4. Knee-length dress

knee-length dress

This dress style compliments almost any figure. It gives you the classy look besides helping you remain cool in the rising temperature.

Get experimental with all these shades and get your hands on some of these dresses to rejoice the blooming Spring bliss. If you have tried some other shade or if you think some other dress will add to the colorful treat do share with us.

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