A-Must Nail Care for Men


Gone are the days when beauty, fashion and make up were a female-centric funda. The scene has undergone a sea change altogether if we run a cursory look around! Women have started rubbing shoulders with men in all the professional fields and men are giving a tough competition to women when it comes to the beauty and make up thing. Sounds incredible, but is true!

Nail-care for men

Be it the face, hands, hair or nails, maintaining them is an indispensable part of the daily chore. Though most of us tend to ignore, taking care of our nails, especially in men’s case, a consistent care and nail maintenance is of high import and a must grooming need. You may opt for a professional nail care procedure or do it yourself, but don’t you ignore it at all.

Following a regular hand and nail care practice keeps your hands in perfect shape and enhances their appearance.

Today, we shall be discussing some of the tips as to how you should take good care of your nails, effectively.

1.Be careful while cutting them. Do not cut your nails with a blade or any such object. It is always advisable to cut nails with a nail trimmer. Make sure you just get rid of the excess length and don’t cut them too short.

nail cuting

2. Smoothen well the edges. In no way, filing is a female thing! Smoothing out your nails with a file gives them a slightly rounded shape and makes them look tidy and hygienic.


3.Push your cuticles - don’t cut your cuticles, the tissue at the back of your nails. Dry cuticles are more prone to bleeding, so keep them well moisturized. The best way to maintain the cuticles is to push back the tissue toward your nail bed.


4. Don’t cut till the end - Never cut the nails till the tip. Always leave a little bit of white while trimming down your nails. Trimming the nails too short makes you prone to nasty infections.


5. Don’t chew – Don’t bite or tear your nails. It may tear off the soft tissues leading to bleeding.

Don't chew

Follow these simple tips to take care of those nails and flaunt them without bothering about the gender prejudice.


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