Are you using ‘expired’ cosmetics?


Everything of domestic use comes with an ‘expiry’ date caution signifying that nothing is to last forever! The sane saying may sound acceptable but how many of us do really follow it religiously when it comes to using cosmetics and other skin saving products? If you, too, are amongst those few who care a damn for the ‘expiry’ date of cosmetics stashed on your shelves, it’s time to ponder over!  


Well, alike most of the perishable stuff, cosmetics, including toiletries, beauty products, skin care products and other such products, too, do not last forever. Once opened and used, it starts perishing due to its exposure to light, air, humidity, etc al. Most of us hold out that ‘expiry’ of a particular product simply means it has lost its efficacy per se. Most of the cosmetic products consist of chemicals and permitted preservatives bearing a specific shelved life.

An ‘expired’ perfume could smell a little off, ‘expired’ sunscreen could toast you in the sun or an ‘expired’ anti-dandruff shampoo could no longer offer a flake-free scalp but ‘expired’ skin products can be hazardous for use. Using a product post the ‘expiry’ date can adversely affect your skin in terms of causing irritation, blemishes, infection, rashes, allergies and other serious skin and eye problems.

There are a range of products in the market that come without an ‘expiry’ date but it doesn’t make them safe for use post a specific time. Does it increase your concerns, too? Don’t take stress and just shoo away your worries as today we are gonna sensitize you about the ‘expiry’ dates of certain cosmetic products that can keep you protected from the far-reaching ill-effects of ‘expired’ products.

Watch out for the products that make you look gorgeous!

Unopened, well-stored and formulated cosmetics including mascara, sunscreens, anti-acne treatments, skin-care lotions, et al, can be kept safe for a longer spans of time, but once opened and used, air, humidity, heat hits the formula that results in its oxidization. Furthermore, airborne bacteria too can contaminate the product. 

What is average shelf life of different products?

The approximate shelf life of most of the make-up products is up to a maximum of two years, whereas shelf life of eye make-up aids is up to one year.

Know which products must be discarded after how much time?

1)    Face Makeup

Face make up, including creams, foundations (liquid or stick form) or concealers should be replaced between six months and two years. Liquids should be replaced with new ones every six months and those in powder form, after two years.

2)    Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners should be replaced between three to four months. Do not add water to increase its life. Pencil eyeliners and powder eye shadows may last up to two years.


3)    Eye Shadow

Cream eye shadows should be replaced after six months and powder eye shadows after two years.

Eye Shadow

4)    Mascara

Mascara (regular or waterproof) should be replaced between three and six months. Never add water to enhance its periodicity. Just toss out the dry mascara.


5)    Lipstick and Lipliner

Lipsticks and lip gloss may be used for two years, whereas a lip-liner and lip pencils can be easily used for a period spanning over two years.

lip color

6)    Nail Polish

Nail polishes display the best results if utilized within a period of one to two years.

Nail polish

7)    Skin Care

Most of the acne creams and other skin whitening and purification products contain drugs and carry ‘expiry’ dates. Nonetheless, the product once open should not be kept for more than six months.

8)    Sunscreens

Sunscreens offer the best results if used within the stipulated period. Most of the sunscreens possess ‘expiry’ dates, which are normally more than a year periodicity, but these should be used within a period, not exceeding six months. Experts feel.

Point to Ponder: If any product releases a foul smell or its texture changing drastically, it’s time to toss it out!

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