Let’s Groom The Right Way


Beauty has remained one of the top female dominant arenas ever since and this is the sole reason why more than a decade ago, suspicion shrouded a man, who used to spend more time in the bathroom or in front of the mirror. Agree?

Appreciatively, time has changed for good. Men are now gradually becoming conscious and are, as a matter of fact, a way more inclined to beauty and are grooming themselves in a big way.

Men's Grooming

Does that mean that now men, too, want to look more even smarter? The prompt and plausible answer would be ‘Yes, of course, and why not, who doesn’t want to look attractive and enterprising?

A major chunk of the conscious clan has already started giving a tough competition to the fairer sex. Though there are still several who just love to spend a quality time standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

And, if you too wanna look attractive, then all you need is the right kind of grooming guided by a set regimen. How to do it? Well, let’s guide you how to look neat and tidy without getting befuddled by numerous advisories and opinions about grooming and without getting trapped into by a range of grooming aids available in the market that may add to your woes.

Below are some of the best, handy and life-enhancing grooming tips and ideas that we’ve rustled out for you.

1) Take care of those locks:

When it comes to locks, it’s good to be proactive, not reactive! Don’t wait too long to get those hair in shape. Get it cut before they become untidy and uneven. This growth cycle varies from person to person given the growth of their hair and in most of the cases re-growth happens in four weeks’ time.


2) Shower and Shave

It may sound strange but shaving after shower gives you a closer shave. Nice warm water shower softens the hair of your beard, opens the skin follicles and offers a smoother and much closer shave with reduced risk of nicks.

3) Rub with scrub

Using face scrubs is one of the most convenient ways to get the dead skin off your face. A gentle scrub on Monday can easily remove the weekend off your face. Use a milder and less abrasive face wash daily as it adds freshness to your face. This scrubbing routine can make you look better instantly.


4) Shave like a Pro

It is always said that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Just stop spending hefty amount at your barber’s shop and go practicing the right technique to shave. Massaging your skin beforehand with any shave oil helps razor to glide over your beard. Using lukewarm water while shaving helps in expanding the pores, facilitating the hair come off easily without leaving behind tell tale signs of redness and irritation.


5) Feel fresh with Masks and Peels

Peel off face masks guarantee a slew of wonders. By sweeping away dirt, oil and other such impurities, it promises cleaner, revitalized and younger looking skin in a couple of minutes.  Masks and peel-offs thoroughly peel away impurities for a fresh and sparkling facial complexion and keeps over-drying at bay.


Men’s’ grooming is spontaneously a never-ending process. Just follow the listed life- enhancing grooming tips for you to look different and dashing.

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