Understanding Fragrance Notes


Chances are the fragrance you choose will also have several "notes." Perfumes often contain layers of scents to create their unique bouquet. These layers are referred to as notes, and rather than noticing only one type of scent (rose or vanilla), you'll pick up on several notes that become more apparent over time. So what you smell at the beauty counter will change by the time you get home.


Top notes: This is what you smell immediately upon applying your perfume. It's the scent that first hits your nose, but then evaporates quickly.

Middle notes: The middle notes emerge as the top notes are dissipating and make up the majority of the scent.

Base notes: These notes are richer and are not often detected until you've been wearing a scent for at least 20 to 30 minutes. These notes provide depth and back up the middle notes to create the overriding theme of the scent.

What’s your fragrance?

Woody: An ideal choice for cooler months and evenings, earthy tones are the feature of woody fragrances. These perfumes usually feature such scents as sandalwood, patchouli and cedar to give a rich and natural fragrance. Woody perfumes are easy to wear and versatile. 

Greens: Where woody perfumes capture the essence of forests and woodland, green perfumes have tones more reminiscent of cut grass and crisp spring growth. Lighter and suitable for casual wear as well as evening and business wear, these are generally funky and contemporary and can be worn for all occasions.

Oriental: These perfumes are the strongest of all. With sensual overtones and rich undertones, this scent makes for quite heavy blends, but they are complemented by the fine scents of sweet vanilla, musk, sumptuous flowers and oriental resins. Most oriental perfumes have a wonderful crossing-over of qualities from all the other categories from the spicy fruit tones to warm woody tones and this makes them a superb choice for corporate environments, evening events and special occasions. 

Floral: These have strong overtones of flowery fragrances. Overtones like rose, jasmine and lavender work perfect for the winter season. These scents are feminine without being overpowering and are suitable as a day wear. 

Fruity: Fruity fragrances are spicy and fresh. They are quite youthful in their scent and apt for cool weather. In the winters, they invoke a sense of warm desserts and cider. They are an excellent choice for women who like classic fragrances but also want to add a little flair. 

So, choose your fragrance because it tells a lot about you.

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