Check how concealers can do wonders?


Has some mark or a little spot on your face troubled you ever or is troubling you? Well, if something like this has occurred it surely would have forced you to try anything and everything that could cover up those flaws on your face. Isn’t it?

If you have done all the hit and trials and still searching for a product that could do wonders to your skin then I must say, your search has just ended. Yes, today we will be discussing about Concealers, the miraculous spot removal product!
Concealers can fade away those flaws and can noticeably transform your skin tone. These days concealer has become a part of women’s beauty routine. If not for spot removal, then may be for the even skin tone.

Concealers may have become a part of women’s daily routine but it doesn’t mean all of you are using the correct concealer for your skin.
Rather discussing the benefits of concealers, which may appear a boring makeup topic, we shall be discussing some of the most valuable tips about concealer usage, some of which, you may have not even heard of.

It is an essential skill to hone and here we will review some of the tips that will not only assist you in choosing the right concealer for you.
Concealer acts as a correcting pen that wipes off under-eye circles, cover up red spots, age spots, spider veins or bruises, pimples and even acne from your face. Different concealers work differently.

How to choose the concealer correctly?

1. Overall coverage Concealers
Overall concealers provide complete and flawless coverage to the skin. Besides offering overall coverage, the SPF content in it also protects the skin from harmful sun-rays. This miraculous product merges well with the skin and reduces imperfections. With superior anti-aging qualities it creates a firm, luminous, even and youthful looking complexion.
Useful tip.

It is recommended that you apply foundation before applying a concealer. Though foundation suffices covering spots smoothly but concealer can easily conceal the dark spots and provide radiant & unified complexion.

Give a try to Clarins - Complexion Extra Firming Foundation SPF 15 

2. Go for under eye concealers:

The special eye concealers offer the best results especially on the dark circles under the eyes. Do not use under eye concealers over pimples or areas where any allergy exists. Concealers have different effects on different skin types and results may vary.

Colourful Concealers

Also, there are numerous colour-correcting concealers available in the market that are miraculous in concealing uneven and visible imperfections on the skin. These concealers have camouflage properties and they easily blend with the skin tone.

Useful tip
It is apt to apply the coloured efficiently concealers before using foundation. This practice forms a balance between different colours of the concealers and helps neutralizing the shade when foundation is applied on top. Make sure you choose the correct coloured concealers according to your skin complications.

Here are some of the colour-correcting concealers

1. Pink or peach toned concealers:
Pink counteracts the scary dark circles and is suitable for under eyes. It neutralizes the dark blue or purplish areas around the eyes. If you have severe dark circles or spots over your face then this pink concealer is all that you need.
Useful tip

Use a clean concealer brush that bends easily in the concealer to provide the right amount of pressure. Or you can simply use the ring finger to blend the concealer and apply as well.

2. Yellow toned concealers:
This colour is amazing for basic concealing and equalizing. It offers an even skin tone and efficiently covers up tattoos, dark spots etc.
Useful tip
Make sure that concealer is pale toned, not golden coloured.

3. Green toned Concealers:
This colour is proficient for concealing pimples and even red spots over the face. To create that camouflage over the pimples follow these steps.
Useful tip
While blending the concealer, make sure the concentrate matches your skin tone. Be cautious that it blends well around the skin and hides the pimples. You can give the finishing touch with a setting powder.

4. Lavender toned concealers:
This colour is considered best to counteract the yellowness in the skin.
Useful tip.

Be careful while using this colour as this concentrate may appear different while dabbing and the tinge may change a little after application. Regular practice is required to be sure of the mix that evenly matches your skin tone.

Well, the application techniques for all the type of colour-correcting concealers remain the alike.

These colour concealers have different properties and their outcome solely depends on your skin tone. Be patient while being experimental as patience is the right key for the right makeup!

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