How To Get Rid Of Those Chapped Lips!


Lips are one of the most enticing features of our body and nobody likes them dried or chapped. No matter how comfortable you are in any of the outfits or condition, if your lips are cracked, you won’t be at ease!

Lips are mostly affected by the change in weather and temperature. Any seasonal change can badly affect our lips. Chapped or dry lips are painful and unattractive and if ignored, it may lead to a more severe form of chapped lips — cheilitis, cracked skin at the corners of the lips.

How to get rid of those chapped lips

Most of us apply balms or lipsticks to tackle this situation (Chapped lips with dry flakes). We are of the notion that these products leave softer and smoother lips but on the contrary,it adds to the pains as most of the balms and lipsticks are made for normal lips.

This condition is not gender biased as both men and women can fall prey to it. In fact, men are more prone to chapped lips as they can’t wear lipsticks! Well, to reduce the chances of chapped lips men lick their own lips more that apparently worsens the condition of their lips.

If you have been applying lipsticks or normal lip balm to cure your chapped lips, be careful, as this won’t improve the condition.

Let us aware you of some of the reasons that cause chapped lips and guide you with the best ways to tackle the paining chapped lips.

Do you know what exactly are chapped lips?

When moisture from our lips gets wiped off it leads to excessive dryness and causes cracks in the lips. This condition is what we all better understand as chapped lips. Did that appear a scientific explanation? Well, precisely inflammation on lips in any form i.e. dry, flaky, burns, pains, or bleeds that happen due to inapt weather, sun exposure, irrelevant use of lip products, smoking or dehydration is called chapped lips.

Do you know what causes chapped lips?

There are numerous reasons that may cause cracks in the lips but some of the most common causes are:

1. Dehydration, due to any of the reasons, is the major cause for chapped lips.

2. Sudden changing in weather to the lower or the higher side.

3. Damage caused due to exposure to harmful rays.

4. Using expired cosmetics or sunscreens. The chemicals in the expired products (lipsticks, lip balms or lip plumper) can adversely affect our lips.

5. Excessive intake of alcohol is another reason as alcohol leads to dehydration.

6. Using products that do not suit your skin.

7. Excessive use of aloe butter can irritate lips.Intake of too much of vitamin B12 supplements can make your lips allergenic.

8. Snoring and breathing from mouth can also lead to chapped lips.

9. Intake of too much of vitamin B12 supplements can make your lips allergenic.

10. Licking or biting your lips washes off the moisture and makes the skin dry.

It’s always suggested to kill the nip in the bud so if you want to keep pain and sufferings at bay here are some of the lip balms that will not only prevent your lips from drying but will also replenish the moisture to relieve dryness.

Do try the following lip balms for softer, smoother, brighter & healthier lips!

1. Elizabeth Arden(Eight hour cream nourishing lip balm SPF20)

Elizabeth Arden(Eight hour cream nourishing lip balm SPF20)

This multi action balm enriched with the petrolatum provides shield to your lips. It also consists beneficial ingredients such as Lanolin, shea butter & Caster oil that helps to retaining the moisture. Besides these amazing qualities this product possesses UVA & UVB filters that give full protection from sunrays. It has longevity of up to eight hours and makes the lips soft and healthy.

2. Jane Iredale (Lip drink lip balm SPF 15-Sheer)

With tangy citrus flavours this balm leaves a refreshing and fresh effect on the lips. This lip balm,prepared with natural ingredients, also includes macadamia nut oil base and SPF 15-sheer formula gives instant relief and offers amazing protection from the harmful sunrays and relieves from dryness.

With these products you can easily get rid of those chapped lips. Pamper them wisely keep them lustrous and soft.


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