What To Avoid When Acne Attacks?


Acne poses serious threat not just to our skin but to our confidence, looks and persona as well. Treating it is indeed essential but one must also take care of the following points to keep away from further development. There are numerous anti-acne products available in the market but prevention is considered better than cure.
Let’s discuss some actions and activities that you must avoid to keep acne woes at bay.

1. Don’t squeeze!
Avoid squeezing pimples! Popping out pimples is not at all good for skin. If you are doing so, you are just harming your skin. Squeezing them lead to skin infection and also reduces healing.

2. Don’t apply toothpaste!
Most of you may have heard that toothpaste possesses healing properties and it may help in drying out pimples. Toothpastes are remedial for a very short span of time but according to some recent studies it has been discovered that toothpaste can trigger more acne and can also lead to allergic reactions due to its components.

3. Don’t Prick!
Do not attempt to prick or treat a cyst yourself. It can leave marks on your skin and can lead to skin decay.

4. Don’t try Corticosteroid injections!
Until or unless prescribed by a skin specialist or recommended by a dermatologist do not go for corticosteroid injections. It may have adversely affect the skin.

5. Avoid crushed aspirin paste!
There are numerous home remedies that people follow to treat acne. One of them is using the crushed aspirin paste on the affected area. It has been observed, in some of the cases though, that this paste can ignite acute irritation.

6. Think before engaging yourself in facial treatments!
Scrubbing during pimples can lead to major acne. This can be painful besides appearing irritating. Also, schedule your facial sitting accordingly if you have some events coming up and do consult a skin specialist.

7. Don’t cover it up!
Do not cover the affected area with tight-fitting cloths or accessories. The heat generated by tight clothes or accessories could worsen your acne leading to redness in the skin.

8. Avoid Sun Exposure!
Sun rays are really harmful, especially in summers. Excess sun exposure can tan your skin besides damaging your pimples. There are possibilities of acute irritation in the effected area. It is recommended to apply SPF 15 or SPF 30, depending on your skin texture, to keep sun related problems away.

Cautiously following these preventive measures will definitely prove fruitful. And it is worth mentioning here that following a healthy routine can offer amazing looking skin.


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