How To Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair On Holi


Holi, the festival of colours brings much fun and frolic amidst bright colours, merriment and celebrations. Water canons, colourful balloons, vibrant attires, multi hued faces and cheerfulness is what overshadows most of the people across the nook and corner of the country.

Along with the celebrations comes the negative facet of this colourful festival. The products used to celebrate this festival sometimes harm our skin so severely that it leaves us in remorse. In several cases it has been seen that colours and numerous other products have left the skin dry and sometimes full of rashes due to allergies and substandard chemicals.

There is no procedure to check how skin friendly are the products that people use on the d-day but yes, there are ways to protect ourselves from the hazardous effects of the chemicals in those products.

So, let’s gear ourselves for the colourful festival and create a shield against those harmful chemicals for a safe Holi. Let go your worries off your mind and follow the simple steps for enjoying the festivity to the fullest.


This is one of the utmost important steps to start your day. Thoroughly oil your body with olive or coconut oil in the morning before stepping out of your home to get drenched in colours. Massage gently your elbows and area around the nails as this area absorbs more color.


Before stepping out in the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen thoroughly, so that apart from the colours, sun does not add to the damage. You can also wear shades while stepping out. This looks stylish besides protecting your eyes.

Herbal Colors:

Colours most of people use during holi celebrations are full of chemicals. Most of these colours consist toxic chemicals that stay on our skin for a longer period and damage our skin. Opt for herbal colours instead of cheap or substandard ones. These days herbal colours are easily available in the market, are skin friendly and dermatologist tested.


Most of us use Vaseline during winters, as it is one of the most commonly used conditioners that creates a skin protective shield and fights effectively against dryness. But this amazing product efficiently protects our skin from the hazardous effects of colours as well. Apply a layer of Vaseline over and under the nail bed and on our lips. This practice will bar the colours from entering these sensitive areas. Furthermore, after the celebrations you can easily remove all the colours from your body as colours won’t stick to the skin.


Try wearing cotton clothes, as they are more comfortable and do not stick to your skin like synthetics and denims. Also, wear full sleeve clothes which will protect you from sun damage and also colours too.

Drink Water:

During celebrations we forget that certain amount of water is essential for a hydrated skin and most of us skip drinking water. Make sure you drink plenty of water to combat dryness that occurs during most of the festivals.

Don’t wear eye-lenses:

Avoid wearing eye-lenses on holi as even a minutest particle from the colours can harm your eyes. Wear spectacles instead, which will provide a shield over eyes.

Paint your nails:

Paint your nails in bright colour on holi. This will not only add brightness to the mood but will also protect your nails by providing a shield over it.

Lukewarm water bath:

Instead of hot water bath choose luke warm water to remove colours from your hair and body. Hot water makes the body dry and is prone to damage from colours. Also avoid washing dry colors with water. Remove dry colours with a cloth and then wash it away.

Don’t rub:

Do not rub your skin harshly with soap to wash away colours instead use a cleanser containing aloe-vera and lemon. If you have covered your skin and hair with oil before leaving home washing away the colours won’t be much of a problem.

Use lemon:

Sometimes, despite taking all the precautions people throw away colours straight into your teeth and sometimes in your ears too. So to remove colours from these areas gently rub lemon on ear and teeth. You can also use salt to clean your teeth.

Keep in mind these simple steps and get grooving to the Holi beat. 

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