What To Avoid When You Colour Your Hair


Coloring your strands is not something newfangled. In fact, this practice is prevalent for ages now. Surprised? Don’t be! Yes, it exists from our ancestor’s era the only difference is that their ways of coloring hair was different. They used to color their hair with henna or other natural products to cover the grays. With evolution of the human race these practices too have become better and more scientific. Hair-care is essential and coloring hair is in trend as it has now become an integral part of our lifestyle than mere covering grays.

What to Avoid when you Colour your Hair
Nowadays, coloring your hair is a style statement. It not only gives you an overhauled and fresh look but also changes your overall personality. Coloring for the first time and trying a different color may propel your curiosity but if the results are not as desired, the effort can turn futile, leaving you in remorse.

The problem with the present generation is that most of them lack patience. Easily get fed up and bore of their chores, responsibilities and even looks. They yearn for a new look every few months. Some of them are so fond that they change their hair color every now and then. This practice can leave their hair dry and rough and later they repent when excessive coloring starts showing harmful effects. 

Continuous use of some hair colors can adversely affect your hair leaving them dry and brittle. Most of us ignore the fact that hair colors contain various chemicals, the regular use of which is not at all good for our hair.

Being cautious about few harmful chemicals and avoiding hair colors consisting them, is the key to healthy, lustrous, colorful hair.

Let’s discuss which chemicals you should be vigilant about while selecting a hair color.

1. PPD’s
Para-phenylenediamine or PPD is a strong chemical that transforms the hair structure and can make hair brittle and dull. In some cases hair lose their natural shine besides becoming rough. This chemical, mostly found in hair dyes, can leave hazardous effects and its regular usage can cause allergic reactions. The toxins in this chemical can penetrate skin easily resulting in blisters in skin. The fumes emitted by PPD may also cause inflammation of the airways leading to difficulty in breathing.

2. Ammonia 

Ammonia is one of the most commonly found chemicals in hair colors. It is important to avoid this harmful chemical not only for healthy hair but for healthy body as well. Its continual usage, besides opening up hair cuticle, can sometimes cause burns and lung irritation.

3. Parabens

Parabens are one of the most frequently used preservatives in cosmetic products. Chemically, parabens are esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid. This chemical is bad for skin and can produce several allergies and skin irritation.

4. Phenol and Amines

These chemicals found in hair dyes can potentially pose health risks. Besides allergic reactions they may cause serious threat to our skin and body leading to bladder cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.

Apart from the above-mentioned chemicals there are numerous other chemicals that are injurious to our health. Lead acetate, Resorcinol, Hydrogen peroxide are just to name a few.

Go herbal! Choose herbal hair colors and try avoiding these chemicals as much as possible for healthy hair and healthy body…

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