How To Choose Right Hair Colour


If you love your hair, imagining a day without it would send shivers down your spine. Isn’t it? Well, hair is such an important body part that speaks volumes about your style and also boosts up the confidence. Keeping them well-groomed and changing different hairstyles to match the latest fashion trend is part of a healthy hair care regime.

Coloring hair is too a part of haircare. Some cherish the natural hair color but most of us get bore of it more often. It is not only for those with grey hair but is one of the most convenient ways to get a fresher, overhauled look. In fact, changing hair color is the in thing nowadays.

Right color for your hair

Hair color adds style to our look, and we experiment anything and everything without pondering upon the fact if the color, we are choosing, would suit us or not; would it give us the same look that we are yearning for? Choosing the correct hair color is a crucial task. It can make or mar your overall personality. Where nice, shiny, lustrous hair texture can add charm to your persona, dull, damaged and faded hair can be troublesome. Experimenting a new shade can offer the perfect look, but sometimes you may end up looking like a buffoon.

While thinking about the time, shades, money and energy that goes into hair coloring, you might overlook or miss some of the important points essential to know about hair coloring.

Well, if coloring hair is on your mind and you are bothered about experimenting just ease out the worries as we will guide you to choose the right color for your strands.


Being experimental is good but doing some homework is always considered beneficial. You must spend good time to understand whether the color that you selecting is going with your looks or not. A wrong color can put you in a fix, as you will have to deal with it for a long time. Hunt for the style and color on internet, Instagram, magazines et al and be firm on what you want.

Try a wig

It may sound weird but is beneficial indeed! Trying a wig of the same color that you want, will give you the basic idea about how the color looks on you.

Right color for your hair

Consult your stylist

Taking an appointment and walking in the salon to get your hair colored is not at all a good idea. It is good to discuss the color with your stylist before getting it done. Share your hair history including any chemical treatments, allergies and all. Also do mention if you want darker or lighter tone of a specific color.


Match the color

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone. Also take check its contrast with your eyebrows. Avoid opting for a color that is darker than your eyebrows.

Match the color


First timers

If you are coloring your hair for the first time go with a semi-permanent gloss or a subtle highlighter. This will surely enhance your looks besides fulfilling your zest for color.

First timers

These simple guidelines will help you get that desired look. Keep these points in mind whenever you plan to color those strands and let your desired color enhance your looks.

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