The Right Mascara Brush For You


Eyes are expressive, eyes are shy, eyes are naughty and eyes are mysterious. Eyes have a language of their own and they are indeed the most captivating part of our body.



Bright eyes can start a non-verbal conversation and can still speak louder than words. Alike ornaments that add style and class to your looks, eyelashes too, add glamour to those expressive eyes.

Adding appeal to our eyelashes is no rocket science, Mascara — the magic wand, can do wonders to it. Besides the marvels, sometimes, these mascaras can also put you in a fix. Wondering how? Well, with numerous mascaras available in the market and most of them with a different brush, choosing the right one may add to your woes.


Today, we will clear all the dilemmas about mascaras and the brushes and guide you to choose the right one for the perfect eyelash. I am sure you would want to add oomph to your lashes so let’s get started and explore the world of these magical wands.

Below are some of the brushes for those eyelashes for starting the never-ending conversations.

1. Ball Tip Brush

Mascara wands with ball at the tip are the latest in market. These trending brushes offer fine application and coat every lash evenly. It gives fan like effect to the lashes and are easy to use.

How to use: Take the brush and start from the center of the eyelash. Wriggle the brush in the lash root and steadily pull upwards. Once done, angle the ball to the inner corner to cover the area. For the final touch, use a lash brush to gently comb and remove any clumps.

2. Curved/Crescent Mascara Wands:

This mascara can do the trick if you want your eyes to stand out in the crowd you and impress one and all with those eyes.

How to use: Pick the mascara wand curved in the middle. Place it in a way that it merges with the shape of your eye and then lightly sweep outwards. This procedure will keep your eyes open and will support the lash to wing out. Get the perfect lash-lift you yearn for.

3. Comb wands

This type of mascara wand helps in removing clumps from the eyelash. Its plastic bristles distribute the formulation evenly and gives you natural looking lashes. It leaves well-spaced lashes that are evenly coated in the desired colour.

How to use: Pick the mascara with comb wand. Lightly sweep outwards. This procedure will support the lash and keep your eyes open while application.

4. Rubber wands:

If you want a defined length then rubber wands are for you. Its short bristles work as a comb and extend your lashes straight and gives the illusion of long lashes.

How to use: Pick the rubber wand mascara and gently sweep outwards. The rubber wand supports the while application and gives uniform results.

5. Micro Wand- Tinted & Natural

Appropriate to its name, micro wand is a simple wand with less bristles. This brush is recommended for dark pigment on your lashes. It is perfect time saver that gives natural looking lashes without much time investment. With the help of this brush you can also apply mascara to the lower lash as well. It darkens the lash without building volume or length.

How to use: Application of this wand remains same. This wand can be gently swept outwards but with lesser bristles the application becomes smooth.

6. Oversized Wand- Maximum VOLUME:

This oversized wand gives full amplified volume effect to the lashes. It pops up the eyes. It is best thing for makeup junkies who are found of eye makeup and don’t mind some drama in the lashes.

How to use: Be a little cautious while applying it. The oversized bristles can hurt your eyeball if used hastily. Twist the brush in a circular motion from the root to tip.

7. Cone Taper Wand- Winged Out Corners:

If you yearn for Cat eyes, cone taper wand is the right pick for you that will just do the magic. Bristles of this wand are longer that distribute more product and provide good application. Pair it with cat eyeliner and get the perfect cat eyes look.

How to use: Evenly apply the product with the brush in a firm manner. Move the brush in a forward motion outwards for the perfect and even application.

Try all these amazing mascara wands and create some magic through those lashes.

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